End The Fun (1st Place, Newcastle SC, 9/3/2019)

RJorb 194

Went undefeated in a 7-person Store Champ (four rounds, no cut). Over the day, it beat Strike Val, 419, Rube Goldberg Hayley and Maxx.

Before the tournament, I was questioning whether 3x SSL Endorsement was too risky. On the day, it turned out to be amazing. In most of my games, the Runner stole one early, giving me a huge economic advantage and allowing me to push hard for the rest of the game.

Preemptive Action felt like a bit of a wasted slot. Didn't end up playing it in any meaningful way in any of my test games or at the tournament.

I dropped a Batty for a second Bio Vault, and was surprised by how effective the latter was. Although finding the time to advance a Bio Vault was always tricky, it either baited a costly run or otherwise gave me a free ETR later in the game (which was generally used on either my final score or to shut down the Runner's last ditch glory run on R&D).

Scarcity made people miserable, as it always does. Worth the slots, even without News Hounds.

The ice suite felt particularly good, and coupled with Mti's ability I almost always felt like I had a decent answer to whatever the Runner had on the board. With Paperclip going out of fashion, Eli 1.0 is back to being a strong performer for its cost. Sadaka wasn't useful on the day, but in testing it wiped out some meaningful Turning Wheels and Net Mercurs, so it's probably an ok choice.