Buddhist Pirate (Chicago Regionals)

steve_rhino 77

This is the basically bog standard Pirate Hayley list that I took to the Chicago Regionals. Congratulations to the other players there and Spags for taking the title home. It and my Palana got me playing for the cut, but I ultimately fell short getting swept in the final round. I played against CTM, Azmari, SSO, Tennin, and Mti on the day. My two loses were from whiffing on 2 early DDMs against CTM and a wonderful bluff by Alec and his Mti deck.

And now, please indulge me with a couple of my card choices.

Deep Data Mining - clearly goes in all of these. I wanted to call it out in particular because it was the main reason for me choosing to play Pirate Hayley at all for the event. DDM is just a great card and won me the game on a single one against 3 pointer Azmari and got me 6 points in a single run against FA Tennin. Only having to make a single run to access 5 in RnD is just great.

Interdiction - 2 of because Scarcity is the bane of my existence and because it shuts down NGO Front and the occasional Navi Mumbai and Crisium Grids that were floating around. You shouldn't run less than 2.

Maya - (Hence the deck name) I expected a ton of Jinteki and wanted to make sure that Savant could always break a DNA Tracker. I was right on both fronts. It also can bury annoying things if you care about that.

Sports Hopper - A concession to the fact that Argus is great right now, and I didn't want to get killed. Tech Trader and Levy negate most of its downsides. It was ultimately unnecessary, and I never installed it once on the day.

Political Operative - Chicago was getting wise to my antics with the hooks and beasties. When Navi got slot in corp decks, I added Pol Op back in so I could contest remotes still. I cut one peddler for it, but really anything other than Tech Trader would work.

Reclaim - Powerhouse of a card. There are some redundancies in the list, but anything other than hooks and beasties can be pitched to fetch back a console or more uses out of Hook, Bitey Boi, or Kongamato on each pass through of the deck. I wish I had brought 3.

I absolutely love this game, and I couldn't have been happier with the amount of people who came out to Chicago to play and celebrate this game that we all love.