Sweet Jesus, Pooh! That's not honey...

Snake Eyes 4639


You're eating RECURSION

<3 that Archives Interface and Salsette Slums against Assetspammers and triple Friendzoners. Bring the kitty back even at 3 inf to deal with the currently in vogue EtF Foodcoats, Caprice/Batty in Palana, or people being risky about Jackson Howard agenda dumps.

Hernando is more of an experimental include, mainly because I've been seeing lots of multisub ICE be played online lately. Seems to do ok, but that one spare influence could also be used on a lot of other things. (E-Strike comes to mind I guess), Been thinking about going with Xanadu to pile onto Hernando's tax, but that might be a concept for another deck.

22 Apr 2017 Saan

I'd think that if I want to spend 3 inf on a console‚Äč out of Anarch, I'd probably prefer Sifr over Desperado, especially if I'm already using 3 Parasites and 2x Deja. That extra MU provided probably also means you don't have to stoop to using Mem Strips and can use something more interesting instead.

22 Apr 2017 emilyspine

10/10 meme