Despie whizz (2nd London Regionals)

Okkdoko 1119

Deck went 4-1 in swiss and 2-1 in cut in London Regionals (33 players) carrying me to 2nd place. Wins vs IG x2, HB moons x2, Jammy HB x2; losses against HB with Next and traps and hasty CI.

I was getting bored with Temmy Whizz, and after MWL3 I decided to have some fun and play Desperado. Turns out it's pretty good against Moons, since you don't lose as much tempo when checking their remotes. Otherwise it's a pretty stock reg anarch, some notable card choices:

  • Desperado: best console in the game now that Sifr is on tier 3, and same inf as 2 temujins. You won't get up to a massive amount of creds with this deck, but you should be able to sustain runs for the whole game with this.

  • 2 Yog, NRE, no orchestra: I just love breaking stuff for free. You don't have the econ anyway to keep paying for orchestra, so I cut it. You should aim for a combination of any 2 of carver/NRE/sucker against HB to break FC3, which this deck hits quite consistently.

  • 2 strikes: you don't need hacktivist and don't have inf for rumor mill, plus there's some skorp and Aginfusion around. Gives you a shot vs CI as well, though it's still an atrocious matchup.

  • 2 parasite: yeah I dunno, logic dictates you should play 3 but you break ICE for so cheap anyway that I didn't really miss it.

  • 1 David: this is a flex inf, and probably a wrong inclusion. I played it in case there was NBN (= archangel, booth) but didn't play it all day. Maybe with cutlery this is more worth it, but I don't have slots for it. Likely should be a 3rd strike, clearing ELP is just so important.

  • Nerve agent: a lot of decks get flooded midgame after you wreck their board.

  • John masanori: getting a card, a cred, and a sucker counter for 1 click is pretty sweet. Be careful taking tags though, you frequently need the resource econ or carver.

All in all very happy with how the deck performed, it's great in a field of moons but loses a lot if there is a lot of CI. I suspect sync to be rough as well.