Hyper Light Smoke (x3 Nationals 2017 Top 8 Cuts)

Kelfecil 1806

5th/6th Spanish Nationals 2017 7th/8th Dutch Nationals 2017

Deck explanation here (SPANISH NATIONALS REPORT): LINK

and a bit here from the previous version of this deck (EUROS REPORT): LINK

2nd best Shaper in Spain. 7th/8th place Dutch Nationals -> 3rd best Shaper

Corp deck here: LINK

22 Jun 2017 MazeBerlin

Hey Kelfecil, nice deck. Could you comment on why you went for Net Celebrity instead of other currents like Interdiction or Strike? And Cloak over Ghost Runner? Thanks :)

23 Jun 2017 Kelfecil

As I also explained in my report (where I talk about both Corp and Runner decks a little bit more), Net Celebrity seemed like the most viable option out of all the currents that were available to me.

System Seizure rarely ever gives value as you will not be making more than 1 run per turn near end-game and also not that many servers will have many stacked barriers/codegates/sentries and even then, one extra stealth credit is all you need.

This already makes Net Celebrity better early game (when there is only 1 or 2 pieces of ICE). Other than that, Net Celebrity also works for trashing stuff, since it's "during a run." I generally felt it gave way more value instead of System Seizure money-wise in most of the practice games I had before the Nationals.

Regarding Interdiction, I barely ever see it have a big impact in most of my games. It costs 1 credit and although it did have a huge impact in a couple match-ups, I just did not see the reason why I would have a very specific tech-card that doesn't work against 75% of my other match-ups and is just a blank anti-current card.

Employee Strike would have obviously been good, but I would rather not spend influence on a current when the deck slots and influence spending is so tight.

-- Cloak over Ghost Runner is more or less obvious, since I just think that having the Cloak early to mid-game can give a lot of value later. I end up using Smoke's and Cloak's stealth credits pretty much every turn once I get them up with Net Mercur. Makes runs super cheap and as I already mentioned, you won't be running more than once or twice. Ghost Runner is a significant early-game boost if you run that instead, but when it's not there anymore, you start feeling it. Smoke's strength (in my opinion) comes from the fact that she can set up super fast and go everywhere but also from the fact that she has a very strong late game as well. Cloak is one of the things that amplify that late-game greatly.

23 Jun 2017 igrekk

What do you think about Aeneas Informant over Deuces Wild?

23 Jun 2017 Kelfecil

Unfortunately, Deuces Wild is one of the best options at the moment for the influence due to the fact that the deck has answers to everything, as long as it can draw it. I would go with Mirror and x2 Cloak if Astrolabe was not so super important against Mooninites for example. But unfortunately, some cards seemed as if they had to stay after extensive testing against certain meta decks.

Deuces helps with a tag after a Raven against SYNC, helps with exposing an ICE and knowing what is on centrals before running to trash an important asset against HB and it also gives 2 cards and 1 credit if you are just trying to speed up your building phase.

Only other thing I would try would be Quality Time, for that one turn burst that you might need at some point, but the thing is, I never liked that card due to its cost.

Aeneas Informant could be great, but it make the deck has the same problem that it would if you put any other card in there instead of Deuces Wild, which is drawing fast. If you draw the Aeneas, it could provide a significant boost to the late game. However, the late game of this deck seems to be just fine, even without economy like that, so I wouldn't say it is a card that would make much difference, but most definitely a card that would make some good money against certain decks for sure. If you are playing Aeneas, then you could cut a Temujin or something and then it could maybe work. But that means you are relying on an economy boost that will come mid to late game and won't work the same as Temujin (which gives a huge burst in one turn or repeated access on a central).

24 Jun 2017 igrekk

And what about Corroder over Blackstone. Was it worth it?