B O R E A N A Z - World's top Adam (28th place)

frankbsad 833

Nothing crazy, just money and breakers. There's definitely cards you could change,

Misdirection: because I was expecting some CTM, it helped but if you're not worried about it cut it for some inf back.

Golden: because it actually breaks Surveyor at a decent cost but I didn't end up installing it all day.

Engolo: It is always the first breaker I installed and it usually will carry me through out the game. Paperclip/Golden/Aumakua could be swapped out for basically any other breaker suite but don't cut Engolo.

3x RNG key: Why 3x? I just like seeing it early, it gives so much value. I'll even EC to get one it the corp leaves RnD open.

Armitage Codebusting: Could've been anything, money seemed good.

13 Sep 2018 Agasha

Thanks for posting! I can see that the secret sauce is, in fact, quality play. Well done! Way to rep our favorite bioroid.

13 Sep 2018 squirtlesquad

Thoughts on 1 of Kasi String for jank?

13 Sep 2018 JohnnyMilton

Best robot deck name.

13 Sep 2018 Terje

The hero we needed. WP and congrats on the great placing.