Let Us Prey - Antwerp GNK 1st

Slowriffs 828

This is the runner deck that I used to win the Antwerp GNK with. I've always been a Leela fan and I'm pretty happy that I finally managed to take a first place with her!

With Crowdfunding now in the game I felt very excited to try run-based Criminal again. And this deck is for the most part simply a run based Leela deck. But lets address the elephant in the room:

  • Prey: This card was an idea from @Manicmoleman, saying that you could trash crowdfundings to get rid of ICE, and then get them back right away. And I felt this was genius. It doesn't seem that great but let me list some ICE that you can just destroy with pretty much no effort: Kakugo, Endless Eula, Tsurugi, Thimblerig, Enigma... and BORDER CONTROL. Since prey doesn't trigger after the first ICE or anything you can just keep going until you pass a Border Control, and then they have to pop it or you just remove it. No need to run the entire remote twice. Especially good if Border Control is on the outer ices.

Other card choices:

  • Beth: Gives all that you need really, draw is slow in criminal and Beth provides sorely needed efficiency.
  • Kati Jones: People keep saying it's too slow, but that's the entire point. You cannot always dictate the tempo of the game and Kati keeps you in the game when you cannot run anymore. Essential for certain matchups like Mti.
  • Hostage: allows the above to picks to actually work. Really happy this is back.
  • Dorm Computer: Thanks bantwins.
  • Tycoon: This one is actually very efficient and I didn't feel like spending influence on Corroder. Also some mild Pad Tap synergy.
  • No casts and hotels: In this Argus heavy meta I just want to avoid any tempo hit at all if possible. The resources are cheap and give money (or are trashed for Prey).

That's it, this deck is a blast. Leela is back!

(I had to publish this deck with old cards because nrdb doesn't allow you to publish with System Core cards yet)

10 Dec 2018 zmb

Wow fun include with Prey. Congrats on the victory!

10 Dec 2018 Cambro

Cool deck. But whats dorm computer main purpose?

10 Dec 2018 Slowriffs

@Cambro Firstly, it's very good against Argus which is one of the more common decks in the meta right now. It also completely stops any Data Raven shenanigans. On top of that you can ignore IP Block tags you'd get from Aumakua. If all that doesn't matter, you just use it for Prey ^^

11 Dec 2018 Longi

Finally Leela that does not sit back and plays the criminal game. Nice deck, congrats on victory.

12 Dec 2018 zmb

@cambro I played against CTM in a 3 server deep RnD run with IP Block, Data Raven and outer was unrezzed. I Dorm Computer ran the RnD and he rezzed Hydra that literally did nothing :-D DC is a good card!

14 Dec 2018 ayyyliens


15 Dec 2018 koga

Is Beth better than Professional Contacts in this deck? If so, is there any particular reason why?

15 Dec 2018 Slowriffs

@Koga So they are very different cards. At it's core this is still a run based deck so, for the most part what I want to be doing is making runs, racking up bankroll credits, Aumakua counters and recurring crowdfundings. When you are on Proco you basically make an investment which you have to recoup during the game. Shaper decks use proco often 30+ times in a game so this pays off, but in this deck there just is no time for that. I don't think it's a good fit.

16 Dec 2018 I_AM_G:\ROOT

Dorm compy is such great tech against Argus, plus I like the synergy of being able to use it as prey fuel in matchups where it’s dead.

What’s your overall approach to the Argus matchup?

17 Dec 2018 Slowriffs

@Mr_Console Argus usually can't ICE all their centrals early game, but they can hit you with economic warfare + HHN. So I try to mulligan for bankroll pretty hard, and this allows for some aggression. Bankroll credits cannot be warfared so you can use them to beat HHN if needed. Besides that I think the matchup mostly favours us. They are low on ICE, Aumakua will get big, Crowdfunding will stay in play, Turning Wheel counters can be farmed, and we can beat the remote with Dorm Computer and E-Strike. Don't forget if they don't pre-rez their PriSec and you access an agenda first, you can bounce it. It is still Argus though so a small mistake can end up costing you the game, don't run if you can't deal with a steal.

17 Dec 2018 Cluster Fox

My booooooooiiiiiiiiiiiii making DLOTW! Always .BE Running what whaaaaaaaat!

21 Dec 2018 Elodius

Antwerp Janksters OP !