"Just play the normal good Gagarin" York 1st Place (4-1)

just_rob 852

I settled on this deck after panicking for a week about what corp to run.

It is the same as other Gagarin (Hostile Balck Knight) and I'm afraid there is nothing really new here! It is strong against the field but weak to the current Wu list which I also took with me:

I had made tweaks to a Gagarin list to include threat level Alpha, best defence and Ark lockdown to try and remove misdirection and no one home. It was at 50 Cards and I didn't know what to cut. I messaged Seamus to see what he thought was the worst card to remove and his repose was this:

"The worst cards in this deck are the dumb influence cards you've splashed"

"Is that helpful?"

As it turns out, yes it was helpful. I took the standard list and the hostiles are far better than what I was going to use. It won every game against non-Wu and went 1-1 against Wu decks. In the cut I won by having a very fast start and forcing Wu to run before they were fully set up and managed to kee the pressure on. The one I lost I couldnt put the pressure on and Wu closed it out.

Not much more to say about this deck than that, it has been around for a good while and I think it will continue to be around for a good while longer. Have a look at my Wu list for a longer write up, and links to videos etc!


12 Aug 2019 Seamus

Happy to have been of assistance.

12 Aug 2019 just_rob

@SeamusAlways keeping me from slotting bad cards into good decks.