Normal Good Gagarin (1st Place/Undefeated Brighton Regional)

echo/ 836

Victory's Reward

This is largely the same deck that @just_rob played at York. I did make the change of -1 Border Control for +1 Hortum, mostly because I didn't have any copies of border control to hand and though it would be rude to steal any more cards from the TO. Also, I thought it might be funny to watch people install fracters against me, which turned out to be true.

Anyway, this deck is, as the title suggests, good, and pretty fun to play. It's got some of that CtM energy I know everyone craves and if nothing happens to shake up the meta it's probably gonna be the best deck for a while so I'd recommend picking it up.

List of runners face:

R1: Smoke R2: 419 R3: Intentional Draw R4: Laamb Wu R5: Smoke

Cut: Tech Cards 419, twice.

18 Aug 2019 Swiftie

The 419 deck name is Bristol 419, because if rotage had not told me on wednesday it was in Brighton I would had gone to the wrong place. Had to make sure I went to the right store.

19 Aug 2019 ClosDeLaRoche

What do you use the Consulting Visit to fetch most often? Would you cut it for a third HPT?

Also, what do you think of 2 BC, 1 Hortum, 2 Tour Guide? I find that placing a Tour Guide on a central is just asking for Turning Wheel abuse, and BC is best for Judge protection.

23 Aug 2019 echo/

@ClosDeLaRoche, I actually don't think I played the convis all day, but I suspect it has enough utility as being both the 3rd HPT and the 4th HHN. In terms of the ICE suite, I wouldn't cut any tour guides, they're great in this deck. If the runner is trying to farm Wheel counters, they don't care about the credit gain from BC or Hortum anyway so none of your ICE is really helping. Agree the BC is good for judge protection/click compression, but I'd keep all 3 guides in any case.