The curtain of Lockdown

Dunsch 73

Thanks Vesper for the great Lockdown tournaments and the great opportunity to play against cool people. The general idea of this deck is to put out R&D Interfaces out and just run untill you win. With Psych Mike, Dream Net and Paragon there should be enough run economy to run every two rounds or to get a fast enough start to compete with faster decks. Don't believe this will be sufficent to compete with ICE wall Decks.

Why playing Jesminder? I though I would see more Data Raven and it makes Hot Pursuit a little bit better.

Lets take a look at the games. I sweeped the 1rst and the 3rd game and I got sweeped the other two rounds.

Thanks are going out to Grim, longi, Frizzler and Cpt_nice!!!