Pictures to Burn 'Vegan SYNC' 3rd at UK Nats

Swiftie 254

Everyone knows how to play Ben's SYNC deck. Have been playing it on and off since team UK's worlds testing for 2016 and as Chris said in the coms I like murder decks.

A note on a few card choices, as @leachrode has said everyone knows the agenda set up for the deck and that can make the game really interesting so no change there. I chose not to include observe and destroy or best defence instead opting to include a second closed accounts in that slot and keeping double MCA to help with the crim match. Against tag me decks they have too many ways to stop themselves from dying so you have to 'score out', you can't best defence all their protection. Leave a QPM and GFI in the bin with a EOI in hand is a common play. The tag me match is all about scoring your 2/1's quick.

To help with the score plan i mixed the ice up a bit, the gutenberg has been doing more work than a early turnpike but it has to go over rnd unless your really desperate. The spicy Data Ward got a few players, had it over hq 1 game so the runner would not have enough money to steal a NAPD.

I did 'score out' in two games in Swiss and once in the cut. I would also ask all my future opponents to not install any sort of damage protection against me, we are mostly nice people from Aldershot just wanting to give out ice cream and take a modest amount of extra clicks.

No legs after rotation since Breaking news goes. I'm sure I will find a way to keep playing BOOM! and murdering people.

19 Sep 2017 timfast

I still owe you that pint, congrats on coming third!