Fiery Info (Worlds 2016 runner-up)

beyoken 6098

Tune in to my youtube channel for a more in-depth discussion of the deck later on in the week.


One of my casual homebrews cobbled together for the UK Worlds testing gauntlet turned out to be the anti-meta deck of this year's Worlds. Who would've thought?

Special shout out to Dave (rojazu) and Laurie (lpoulter) for doing all the dirty work in testing this deck, verifying that it is indeed robust against Whizzards in general.


With the 12 non-economy operations in this deck, the torture you can inflict on the Runner is really only limited by your imagination, as well as your ability to sculpt your hand during the game. As with traditional butchershop decks, piloting this deck requires more finesse in hand management than most other Corp decks. Especially so because in most games, the combo is not played out in a single turn; rather, the combo is initiated when a critical mass of conditions is met, and the game typically ends with you limping to the finish line, with the Runner so close yet so far from victory.

BOOM! did the heavy lifting against unsuspecting Runners during the Swiss rounds, but as the top cut unfolded the remaining players were much more wary of the flatline threat; the 1x EoI became incredibly key as it bought me multiple wins via agenda points.

Unlike my Runner deck, this is a rather friendly deck to pick up. That being said, it is by no means "the best deck"; it dies hard to most Shaper variants: Dyper, link Kate, and anyone running NACH + Film Critic. Do not play this deck if you're expecting any of those.

Streamed games

5:32:25 Top 16 game

10:57:15 Top 3 game

12:25:00 Finals

6 Nov 2016 esutter479

Congrats, man! I'm really glad you were able to kick some ass with SYNC! I had a lot of success with Tri-Scorch SYNC in my local Netrunner league, so I'm stoked to see that it placed high at worlds. :D

6 Nov 2016 slowreflex

Thanks for sharing this and congrats on your achievement!

6 Nov 2016 MazeBerlin

Really great performance at Worlds!

6 Nov 2016 Kikai

Congrats. Really enjoyed watching your matches - and thanks for posting your deck lists online. Well played.

6 Nov 2016 Murse

Your games were hands down the most entertaining I saw on the stream. Thanks for playing such an interesting corp deck and piloting it with such precision.

6 Nov 2016 WorldSerpent

Congrats Ben! Thameside is so proud!

6 Nov 2016 Mechanoise

I loved watching this deck in action. Congratulations Ben and well done.

7 Nov 2016 Ortho

Brilliant performance Ben, and I love the deck. Really well done. Looking forward to hearing more about it on your channel.

7 Nov 2016 tmoiynmwg

Congratulations again for developing the best corp deck for 2016 Worlds! I'm honored to have both played against it twice and (if the deck name is any indicator) helped inspire it.

7 Nov 2016 grueble

The agenda suite in this deck is a stroke of genius! Ditching the 3/2's takes some serious balls and I commend you for that. Nothing better than a runner hitting a Quantum Predictive Model after a Data Raven, and it double here as EoI fodder as well.

A question - in which matchup does Observe and Destroy do the most work for you? That's the one card that I'm unable to understand.

7 Nov 2016 beyoken

Thanks everyone :)

@tmoiynmwg Your decks never fail to inspire!

@grueble Observe and Destroy (O&D) destroys Plascrete. O&D destroys Obelus. O&D destroys Mediums and Keyholes and all the things that make you lose. What's there not to love about the card?

8 Nov 2016 meta4

@beyokenI absolutely love this deck, and I'm so happy you played it to second place! After playing world's, is there anything in here that you would change?

My one question is why you don't have 2 EOI in here, it seems like you could really benefit from a second with 7 1-pointers in your deck. Could you just not find any space?

8 Nov 2016 meta4

If I was going to cut a card for the second EOI, it would probably be one of your six tagging ice.

14 Nov 2016 Charlesworth

Have played 1 game with this deck and I am in love. Was able to O&D Magnus, Archive O&D then hit Plascrete. Felt pretty good :). Gratz on the results.

14 Nov 2016 Mechanoise

As a follow up - I've been taking this deck to a number of game nights and a GNK, and the success rate has been very, very high. In the GNK it never dropped a game. It's oppressive, the Runner is dammed if they run and damned if they sit around and don't adequately protect themselves. Seeing 2 Breaking News scored is incredibly scary for them. Serious well done this deck, I love it.

18 Nov 2016 Oziride

@beyoken with Intervention coming, especially Data Ward do you think there will be space for it? if yes, where? if no, why? thanks

25 Dec 2016 Tezuka Phantom

Only one word : BOOUM ! Only a beginner but i win whith this deck and it's so exciting...