Recoco Gagarin (2021-11-22)

JarekBaltar 28

This is my Worlds deck with some small tweaks. Original deck based on [SBL 21.10 playtest] Recoco Gagarin

  • HPT vs Boom! - I used to have only HPT, but it's frustrating when runner leaves exactly 2 tags. So I decided to add Boom!, because

why not both?

  • I was silly enough to replace Economic Warfare with Audacity. Now it's back in with one Audacity left (for sad times when runner trashes all of the recoco's)
  • other changes: +1 Econ Warfare, -1 Jeeves, -1 Mumba, -1 Malia, -1 Mausolus, +1 Magnet (for the alliance)