[SBL 21.10 playtest] Recoco Gagarin

cableCarnage 1290

This decklist was developed during SBL 21.10 testing, and is being published in the interests of transparency and to provide a more even playing field at Worlds

This is a deck that was tested for SBL 21.10.

When considering Gagarin, playtesters brainstormed and tested a variety of decks. Prison variants such as anarchomushroom's proved underwhelming. This tempo variant with Dedication Ceremony and Reconstruction Contract created by thebigunit3000 and modified and played by anarchomushroom fared better.

The play style is similar to CtM with Gagarin's ability dissuading checking remotes. Recoco + Dedication Ceremony is a very strong and flexible combination here. It can be used as fast advance or scoring overadvanced Project Atlas or Cyberdex Sandbox with some shell game. The deck should be on 3 Economic Warfare.

This deck looks promising but struggled with crims playing multiple Miss Bones, PAD Tap and Deuces Wild and might be slightly too slow against Hivemind Maxx.

18 Oct 2021 anarchomushroom

If you're looking for a place to tweak this, I was playing it a bit today and cut the temples for +1 HPT, +1 Econ War, +1 Tithe. It feels better with these changes for definite. I'd like to get a Preemptive in somehow, maybe cutting the convis for it, not sure yet though.

18 Oct 2021 Radiant

I can't see Tithe being better than the 3rd Mausolus. It potentially could force a single breaker instally against crim (if they're not on turtle) after which they walk through it for free, and breaking Mausolus once costs more than installing MKUltra and breaking Tithe does (and that is assuming no Paladin bucks or anything too). Eating a net damage to drip several credits from PAD Taps is also a much more viable tactic than eating a net and a tag to get that drip.

19 Oct 2021 anarchomushroom

It's literally just to play a sentry and it's kinda annoying for non crim to deal with. It's not really meant to tax, just be sufficiently annoying. You don't install it vs crim.

23 Oct 2021 Ghost Meat

Dear Nisei, please emergency ban Gagarin immediately. This and the other recent Gagarin decks are not good for the health/fun of the game.

23 Oct 2021 Saan

@Ghost MeatCan you explain why? I'm genuinely curious.

24 Oct 2021 Ghost Meat

@Saan Happy to! It feels like playing against Hot Tub Time Machine again. If you don't draw the nuts in your opener, econ-wise, you're pretty hosed, and then if you do, praying they don't rez Malia when you drop Bones or a Liberated. The other published version of this with Bio Ethics and Urban Renewal is a prison. Very tough to run and not get Warfared x2, HHN, HPT, but you have to run to kill the passive damage assets or else you die. It's a double-bind that I don't think runner econ can reasonably keep up with, and also strain to tech for the Acme and PD matchups in this meta, which are considerable.

24 Oct 2021 anarchomushroom

I mean I've played this Gagarin a lot and it really folds to just good runner play. Same with the other version. This will probably terrorise jnet casual but competitively it'll be dismantled. Even the prison version.

I think calling this for an e-ban after not even a week, and calling it unhealthy is the biggest fucken overreaction I've seen.

24 Oct 2021 Saan

@Ghost MeatNah, it strait up folds to a runner with money. There's almost no scoring plan to speak of, so you have time to just sit around and wait. Mrs Bones wrecks it, as does any runner with Appoc in and/or near their deck.

I mean, the deck only has 6 ICE, and only the Mausolus are even remotely taxing. Yeah, Hot Tubs used to be good, but this is that deck minus the pressure and scoring plan. Yeah, it can win a couple games here and there, but it probably loses more than it wins to a runner who is willing to just make money before they run.

24 Oct 2021 Radiant

For real, this deck folds hard to anyone on apoc or Bones, or even just generally not playing too risky. There's no Hostile to stuff apoc, no Judge to kill from a SIU, no Contract Killer to make Urban Renewal lethal, no quality durdle agenda suite or infinite recursion to enable prison, and no ridiculously-taxing ice to convert your ultra-wide board state into a strong defense.

24 Oct 2021 Radiant

That was meant to link to Hades Fragment (not shard), oops! And the ice I was referring to was Tour Guide, formatting the links on mobile was hard

19 Nov 2021 CowboyTintin

@Radiant Ahhh.... I miss Hades Shard. Lol.