PrisonMorph (2nd @ Fly to EMEA)

AlPi 467

Deam this deck will ruin jinteki casual if this gets popular. Mordeqai opened pandora's box with this deck!

Once the prison of Front Company + punishing bioroid ice on centrals + unrezzed Trieste Model Bioroids is on the table its very hard for the runner to deal with. Combine this with a MCA eating a click, Fatuma eating a click, Working Prototype clicking away youre resources AND Bladderwort pressure = headache for the runner guaranteed!

In the early game you keep installing everything and as soon as the runner gives you some room its over. Naturally, this means runners like Loup are a very hard matchups. The Trieste combo can also by countered with bypass stuff, ice destruction or just having a lot of clicks (looking at you Sable Swift players).

Some tricks you can do:

  1. Derezzing Spin with Warm Reception every start of turn
  2. Derezzing Lady Liberty when its on 3 counters so it stays on 3, this way we ultimately pay the rez cost every time and score a 3 pointer each turn
  3. Start of turn click MCA to gain more clicks, combined with a Lady Liberty on 3 counters you can score two 3 pointers that turn.

I'm a big fan of Bladderwort, but I am planning of cutting 1 to make room for Mavirus.

Thx to Tuno and co for organizing this event, it was great. And in the spirit of Tuno who shares replays, here are some interesting matches from the tournament:

Round 1 (against Ari) Round 4 (against Padma) Round 6 (against ice destruction Hoshiko, there was still a chance here but a loss) Top cut game 2 (against Ari) Top cut game 3 (against Maw Hoshiko) Finals last game (against ice destruction Hoshiko, 0 chances of winning I conceded at some point)

30 Mar 2024 HaverOfFun

Lesgooooo unless I'm on Loup I'd be scared to play against it but damn does it look cool when a plan like this comes together lol! Nice job!

31 Mar 2024 DoomRat

I think you can do the double LL from two counters with subliminal in hand:

Click: Use Subliminal (three clicks left)

Click: Put a counter on MCA (two clicks left)

Click: Take clicks (5 clicks left)

MM: Lady Lib (3 clicks left)

Click Click Click: Lady Lib

1 Apr 2024 Mordeqai

It's Mordeqai approved!

These are similar to some changes I've been toying with, most per suggestion from the comments.

  • Working Prototype is waaay better that I thought it was. Far better than Regolith.

  • Loki is fantastic too.

  • I tried MirrorMorph for a while, and it's better definitely better economy especially with Subliminal, but I still just really like the defensive +1 Hand Size for the slow early game from Precision Design. The recursion is pretty minimal but does make some games by installing a 4th or 5th Front Company.

  • Wage Workers can be worth a slot, helps install a lot of cards once your recurring Spin Doctor draws.

I'm glad it's performing well and I'm so sorry.

1 Apr 2024 AlPi

@Mordeqai It is a super cool concept, if you ever find something else unhinged hit me up! xD

6 Apr 2024 CelestialSpark

Just FYI, you linked the Ari top cut game again instead of the last finals game when you linked the replays at the end.

Time to weigh whether I can bear the guilt of playing this on jnet.

8 Apr 2024 AlPi

@CelestialSparkThx for pointing this out. I fixed it!