HBS (Standard Prison)

Mordeqai 1842


It's finally here. We have an HB Prison Deck. Historically, prison decks of Weyland, NBN, and Jinteki are not hard to find. But throughout the entirety of FFG Netrunner, I was never able to get HB Prison to work.


This list is a very raw click compression deck that feeds into slow-rolling Agendas. Here's the TLDR of the doomboard setup:

3x Ravana (One protecting each Central Server)
1x Warden Fatuma
1-3x Trieste, derezzed
1-3x Warm Reception
1x Front Company

What does this random bullshit combination of cards accomplish?

Well, if the runner desires to run any remote server, they must accomplish the following:
- Initiate a run on a central server, forced due to Front Company.
- Brick into a Ravana that cannot be broken, since you rez your derezed Trieste upon encounter. This Ravana has an extra sub of "Lose 1 Click", and its other subs will simply copy that same sub from another Ravana. The runner must either lose 3 clicks to unbroken subs, or use Ravana's Bioroid ability to spend 3 clicks to prevent that.
-Access an Ikawah, decline, and pass turn

The astute of you may have noticed that running a remote did not in that process, because our poor runner is now out of clicks to undo the boardstate that created this.


Nervous the runner can still make a break for it using bypass effects like Alarm Clock ? Just keep jamming out your MCA tokens alongside Active Policing and drain them for another 1-3 clicks on top of the lock listed above. The ID, Hospitality, and Spin Doctor keep these threats alive

All this bullshit is enabled by Warm Reception. This card lets you continually derez primarily Trieste to prime it for another encounter, but it also brings in an insane amount of value outside of the auxiliary effect. Simply installing a card per turn in a 25-asset deck is just straight up worth a click a turn. Further, here's the rest of the cards that combo on derezzing:

- Spin Doctor (2 draws per turn)
- Nico Campaign
- Hakarl for absolutely unbreakable ETRs. You can use it to derez a Trieste, and then immediately re-rez that same Trieste and target it.
- Malia, just use her as an instant speed tech tool you can recur. Kills a lot of counters and saps econ.
- Lady Liberty, trigger Reception before Liberty triggers to prevent it from gaining counters, then simply re-rez it beffore your first click. Re-rezzing Liberty is also how I drain my credits down to trigger Bladderwort if I'm feeling cute.


And that brings it to the decks two win conditions: Score out naked agendas, maybe behind a Trieste+Hakarl, or use Ravana and Tyr to rock out 3 or more Core Damage, then just twiddle your thumbs for Bladderwort triggers.

No one else missed you, Prison. But I did. Glad to have you back.

23 Mar 2024 gammanet

i guess sleeper hold was technically more of a negative tempo deck than a prison deck, but hb definitely had a prison deck out of ci with clone sufferage movements, mca/victoria jenkins, jeeves, and load testings. it was funny when you pulled it off.

24 Mar 2024 London

I do love me a good prison and this is a fun idea, but there are a few things this deck loses to:

-not finding ravana

-early pressure

-ice destruction

-(DJ) sable

-trick shot





I would suggest adding wave and loki to help find/copy more ravana and more malia/scapenet/sadaka/under the bus to target DJ sable.

24 Mar 2024 jan tuno

real prison! thank you!

24 Mar 2024 DoomRat

Took this for a spin, two immediate thoughts:

1) PD's not doing much here, I'd move to MirrorMorph.

2) Working Prototype >>>>> Rego in this list.

1 Apr 2024 Mordeqai

Lots of updates in the past week!

  • Working Protype is indeed busted, far better than Regolith.

  • Most people have moved this to Mirrormorph, but I still personally just like the 6 hand size.

  • Drudge Work/Ganked is a serious contender for influence over Bladderwort, as seen in netrunnerdb.com

  • Loki and Najja have made the list while Eli and Nerine have gone away.

  • Restore also seems popular over Corporate Hospitality, but that's definitely coupled with the ID choice between Mirrormorph.

  • Some runners definitely have an easier time like pointed out. Bypassing is the main counter, but it seems to still come down to regular asset spam value judging, and recurring past their economy. Ms Bones can be difficult too, and she's the main reason I still slot Malia. Otherwise, I've not run into the trouble with ice destruction and Ravana reliance after smoothing out the ICE suite.