Aniccam Leela - 7th at worlds

leachrode 983

This is only a small iteration from the Aniccam Leela deck ChrisFerg used to take down Euros this year. For Worlds we'd gained a bunch of slots from PAD Tap being (rightfully) dustbinned and had to content with Palana instead of GameNet and even more Asa than before.

For the Asa matchup 2 bones went in along with a Diesel and a Hotel to facilitate the fastest possible set up and try and slightly improve the non Aniccam draws / get you to the Aniccam as fast as possible as you really need to be spending your clicks applying pressure, trashing assets and moneying up as much as possible there.

For Palana we restored the 3rd doof post intercontinentals - there it got trimmed as it was often just straight up not worth playing against Gamenet with a goldfarmer on hq and I still believe that it's often a waste of 2 clicks and a boomerang against an Asa who has a lot happening on the board and access to fully op. The Bones are also still pretty high value in that matchup as trashing La Costa is a huge pain without them.

Overall I'm very happy with the balance here to play against the current corp meta, games against tuned Asa or Palana decks are often close and skill testing because you don't have an overwhelming pile of tech to smash either of them but you have a lot of outs against both of them and an econ engine that rewards good sequencing and mulligans, and can make the deck flow beautifully

12 Oct 2020 koga

Happy to know we ended up on very similar lists!
Congrats on the placement, you totally deserved our 241 :P

14 Oct 2020 leachrode

@koga Thank you :), I watched that game back from your stream today and you were very unlucky with that flow of agendas I think, none when you could score then a bunch all at once off Anansi, but it was a fun game and you were a very pleasant opponent.

I have mixed feelings about my corp but good to see that someone else ended up in a similar place on Aniccam Leela, I don't know if it's drastically better than Engolo but I do think it's the more interesting and enjoyable version to actually play