Faust is the Disease (5-1 Victory Point Store Champs 1st)

LazerDoofus 1578


[insert self aggrandizing silliness and stuff about how this deck breaks netrunner]

What you need to know...

This deck went 5-1 beating some excellent players 3 of whom were playing anarch and 4 of whom were playing Faust. The only game it dropped was to a prepaid stealth Kate, when I dropped 3 consecutive psi games against an opponent who is a very good player and knows my playstyle well.

How to play in 3 simple steps; 1) Rez Hive 2) Win Psi Games 3) Score 2 agendas and just win

The only change I would make is -1 Crick +1 Pup (or something).


28 Feb 2016 ANRguybrush

So....self-destruct, huh?

28 Feb 2016 matthopkins

This looks so good for this Faust anarch dominated meta! Definitely going to give it a spin.

Based on no experience playing the deck at all - how has self destruct been working for you? My intial reaction was "great", but then I thought maybe it requires too much setup? How do you normally use it?

The only change that occurred to me is maybe including cerebral cast. Brain damage sucks for Faust decks, and if they take the tag you blow up their wyldside.

Like I said, I haven't played it yet so I'm not for a minute suggesting my ideas are good....

28 Feb 2016 LSK

How many Self-Destruct flatlines did you get?

28 Feb 2016 LazerDoofus

@LSK 0, it was a wonderful threat to show people with celebrity gift then put it in my scoring server, scored me 2 or 3 agendas throughout the day, may be better as a junebug or more econ

28 Feb 2016 tzeentchling

Surprised a bit not to see Marcus Batty in the deck. Seems like he would fit well. I played a deck similar to this at Worlds in the ANRPC, and a Junebug did in fact give me a win or two, but Self Destruct is definitely an interesting choice.

Subliminal Messaging instead of Fundraiser might also be interesting to play around with.

28 Feb 2016 Smokestack

Whats the timing for rezzing and using self destruct? Can you rez it after a failed caprice psi games?

28 Feb 2016 LazerDoofus

@tzeentchling tested with batty but without ichi I felt that he didn't fully carry his weight, when political oprative releases I'm going to revisit Batty. I built this without seeing your worlds list which I found this morning, now i'm looking to melange :-)

@Smokestack you can rez and trigger during the same 4.3 window where you rez and use Ash

28 Feb 2016 Shmeguy

19 ice in a 44 card deck is interesting, how do you justify that? does it help the self destruct kill? Hive in medtech seems pretty cool though, hopefully not too much e3 in your meta :)

29 Feb 2016 LazerDoofus

@shmeguy this build was a knee jerk reaction to the meta I experienced at another SC 3 blocks away last weekend 19 pieces of ICE is probably about 2 too many, at the beginning of the day this list only had been tested for about 7 games. Self destruct was more there for style than anything else, and honestly whether youre paying for Hive with e3 or just cards it sucks to break more than once every couple of turns

29 Feb 2016 Saan

Overall, it seems like the ICE in this deck is really heavy to rez. You don't really have an economic engine, just events. How did you end up liking it? Obviously you won an SC and all, so it couldn't have gone too badly, but still, I was curious.

29 Feb 2016 Murphy

Way to go Jamie. Great job countering the meta and kicking ass :)

1 Mar 2016 Lorgar

Do you have thought about Fast Track? Wouldn`t that card help to score when a window opens up?

1 Mar 2016 matthopkins

The problem with fast track is that you've spent a click, so you can't install double advance, meaning your agenda will either have to sit in your hand on the turn you fast track it, or be on the table for two runner turns rather than one

2 Mar 2016 mharris717

Any thought to 15 ice + Temple? That's surely too few for it to be the same deck, but I've been itching to run Mumba out of Medtech

2 Mar 2016 peacelord2002

@matthopkins but then, he can go fetch TFP, which is the best agenda in the game to be "sat in hand"; in addition, it's in a deck that can also pack Caprice on HQ. Tidy.

3 Mar 2016 LazerDoofus

@matthopkins I have to agree with @peacelord2002 that fast track just Inst strong enough here. And at 44 cards finding an agenda when it's time to score isn't too hard.

@mharris717 15 pieces of ice just isn't enough for this "faustandkillalltheice" meta game were all currently "enjoying"

4 Mar 2016 rojazu
  • 1 interns -1 self destruct -1 fundraiser +3 batty?
6 Mar 2016 Benjen

Took this to a store champ yesterday and it got me to the top 8. It's really solid. My favorite play was scoring a The Future Perfect without caprice behind a Hive and an Ashigaru against a Faust deck. Couldn't pull out wins in the top 8 because all the Global Food Initiative were right on top. But I'm a big fan and will be sticking with it and seeing what utility cards help.