MASPORTZ (1st @American Continentals, undefeated)

Cahuita 697

I chose thebigunit3000 sportslist because I like to play straightforward decks without a lot of fancy stuff. And that's exactly what it is. Except for one game against Nyusha, I only played against Shaper. In those games I decided to ignore the boat, ice and most of what the runner does and just draw cards whenever possible and score. The fastest game was over after 6 minutes and on both days no one found their clot in time. Because it's so fast, another big plus of the deck is that you have plenty of time between rounds to relax, drink coffee, go for a walk or learn a foreign language.

And to answer a question that has come up often in the stream, I am neither a new player nor a smurf :)

30 Aug 2022 Sauc3

Congrats on the great performance!

30 Aug 2022 5N00P1

It was funny when they mentioned you would be a new player! Congrats on the win, well deserved!

31 Aug 2022 ggDropbear

Congrats! After Sportsmetal died in APAC, I'm delighted to see people double down on it.

31 Aug 2022 vesper

Gooooooooo @Cahuita :-) Congratulations on putting the pedal to the SportsMetal and grabbing the Champ belt :-)