MASPORTZ (1st Delaware Online CO 7/30)

thebigunit3000 3031


This one I also just went in knowing I needed to win as corp, and fast. It plays pretty similar to previous SPORTZ decks of yore. Sprint sucks, Ark Lockdown sucks, March Madness is amazing, just go fast and jam agendas in a remote when you need to. It went 4-1 on the day, losing to Wu and winning against Wu, Adam, and Freedom twice.

Huge thanks to Sanjay, Ysengrin, and DeeR for the wonderful tournament, stream, and maddeningly hard Quiz Game, respectively! Thanks to all of the absolutely top-notch people that showed up for the tournament, there were some real heavy hitters in this tournament. And thanks again to Ysengrin for Single-Sided Swiss -- this was my first time experiencing it in a tournament, it went very smoothly, and not having to do cut math is a huge bonus in my book.

1 Aug 2022 Ozvaldo

Congrats on the win! wat was ur ID triggering mostly, the credits or the cards?

1 Aug 2022 Oddball

I've been mostly experimenting with Moon Pool in Startup, but do you think it might be an possible replacement for Audacity?