The Signature Kate, Canadian Nationals Winner

Wyrm 1092

From Calimsha's French List: -1 Plascrete +1 Film Critic -1 Atman +1 Escher

Film Critic was an acceptable substitute for Plascrete and more. Can't land midseasons if I'm not stealing agendas, and no PSI games on TFP.

I was very close to regretting removing Atman, and in the future will slot it back in, possibly cutting the 3rd Maker's Eye.

Also, don't listen to Calimsha, he's gone off the deep end. #SlotTheClot

21 Aug 2015 dogstew

Congratulations on the win! NY Represent.

21 Aug 2015 Thike

That Mother Goddess, eh? :P

21 Aug 2015 Phoenix

Actually it's not Mother Goddess, but Susanoo-No-Mikoto which I imagine causing problems with only Mimic to deal. 4 Datasucker tokens is a tall order. Did you not encounter it much?

22 Aug 2015 Wyrm

@Phoenix: He means Mother Goddess, which appeared in the 2nd place Corp. It almost locked me out of his remote and would have been game over for me.

The plan was to use Escher to move Susanoo-No-Mikoto using Escher to Archives and not have to deal with it anymore, but in the end during Losers Finals, I did have to make a 4 Virus Datasucker and use Mimic. It's not impossible.