[startup] Game over, man!

Satoshi 450

Game over, man!

This is a GameNET prison deck.

  • Plays mostly cheap taxing ice, and, ice that work well with Rime.
  • Force runners to run using things like Vlads grid, Daily Quest, Reversed accounts. Whenever they run, you make money from the ice.
  • Use NAPD Cordon to create scoring windows for smaller agendas. (See also GameNet Hell)
  • Use Game Over to destroy their econ after they steal agendas.

In my experience, one of the harder matchups for GameNET is usually Anarchists. This is because, they can chisel Gold Farmer with relative ease, particularly if they have an Ice Carver or Cookbook. If you pay 8 to rez Tollbooth, it can just be chisel charmed, causing a large tempo swing.

This deck attempts to answer this:

  • Afshar is almost like another Gold farmer, so, even more stuff they have to chisel. (Try to play Gold farmer on R&D or scoring remote instead of HQ, and use Afshar over HQ instead.)
  • Sandstone punishes the runner for choosing Cleaver instead of Corroder. This is 3 to rez and 5 to break with Cleaver, the first time, and it's stronger with Rime.
  • Game Over is often effective vs. Anarchists that run with few credits, because they often build a pretty large board state. You can threaten to put a lot of viruses in the bin, or Keiko, Simulchips, and Devil charm in the bin, or put all the companion resources in the bin.
  • Magnet + Rime can be good vs. runners on Buzzsaw, forcing them to find leech or ice carver.

You have to be careful when you play Game Over, because sometimes it's just not worth it. Particularly against criminals with small rigs, playing Game over to threaten 2 Rezekis means that you are paying 4 to cost them 6 at most, and you will get one bad publicity for the rest of the game. That's not really to your benefit, so you have to think carefully about whether it makes sense to play it. (Despite the name of the deck, Game Over is not the most important card here.)

Sometimes it makes sense to play a turn like the following:

  • click 1: install reversed accounts, move 2 counters using vlads grid
  • click 2: use reversed accounts
  • click 3: play game over

Versus Big-rig Shaper decks, you have a chance to keep up with their Rezekis if you draw into Daily quest. You tend to play more ice on R&D and a little less on the scoring remote. If you draw Crisium grid it goes right on R&D. Usually HQ is Rime + Afshar since the runner is probably on Unity. Once you have about 15 credits or so, it's usually pointless to keep Daily Quest going, instead you want to force them to run the remote to trash Vlads grid, Reversed accounts, collecting money via Gold farmer or Rime etc. when they do. You want to make it too taxing for them to do a deep-dive turn or play Khusyuk repeatedly, and eventually you score out using Vlads. (You can score Bellona from hand if you have a counter from Remastered Edition and a Vlads grid.) If they do steal an agenda, the hope is that you can play Game Over and put all the Rezekis in the bin. (Or, put all the hardware in the bin, which forces them to trash most if not all of the Rezekis.)

The deck usually doesn't struggle vs. Ken and Zahya decks, because those runners have to run often to make money and win the game, but we can make that very taxing and get a lot of money ourselves.

The deck might be better if we can scrounge one more influence and replace Engram Flush with a third Afshar. However, Engram flush is also a good ice that may catch the runner off guard. Right now I really like the 2x Marylin, the 1x Crisium grid, and the 1x Sprint.