[Startup] GameNet Hell

Oddball 843

The deck started off as a way to try and make Vladisibirsk City Grid work. Then I sold my soul to Old Nick.

Vladi grid is too slow

Since the release of Midnight Sun Booster, I've been trying to make it work in a variety of GameNET: Where Dreams are Real, NBN: Reality Plus, or Weyland Consortium: Built to Last decks. It just never seemed to be as strong as I hoped. Too click intensive, too expensive, or both.

But that slowness, could be useful: The basic combo.

NAPD Cordon turns a 4/2 fast advance tool into a way to make an agenda fortresses. Vladi grid allows us to move tokens on the Runner's turn, which makes scoring over an advanced Project Beale, or a Bellona's possible and prohibitively expensive for our opponent to steal. Hide it behind them a few pieces of annoying ice and get paid!

A little bad pub never hurt anyone

If the runner decides to run our server and pay the gold price to steal our agenda, we have a way to punish them: hit them with Game Over.

Call Program - Destroy their Rezekis, or other non-icebreaker programs

Call Hardware - Blow up all those PPVPs, DZMZs, and Consoles (probably forcing a program trash or two). Destroy Simulchip and Devil Charm. too!

Call Resources - Hoshiko got you down? Good bye army of companions and other virtual cards.

And if the Runner does pay to save most, or all of their cards in the category... they've just burned a LOT of creds. If you don't have a window to score now, you never will!

Plus don't forget our friend Rime! They love that free credit the runner always has.

I did mention I sold my soul to the devil right?

Yes... we're running the infinite Ganked! combo courtesy of Ansel 1.0 and it's good friend Drafter. It didn't start this way, but I found that Ganked was a pretty good punishment if we can keep keeping runner credits low with our ice, trashing our assets, or a Reversed Accounts fire.

Even if the dream scenario does not happen, hitting Ansel, Gold Farmer, or F2P multiple times is painful

Big shout out to Meryu for convincing me that Drafter was the right choice instead of Trebuchet! What was I thinking?

Wanna play a game?

I'm not sure if this is the best deck, but the little synergies between NAPD Cordon, Vladi grid, and Reversed Accounts seem like a good foundation out of NBN. Add some annoying sentries and Ganked for maximum frustration. Plus you haven't lived until you've Game Over'ed a Runner with more than four Resources/Hardware.

Give it a try!

2 May 2022 m.p

IsnĀ“t it a problem that Gold Farmer is banned?

2 May 2022 leachrode

@m.p It's banned in standard but startup has no banlist, nrdb unfortunately has a bit of a gap when it comes to the formats so it shows the standard ban list statuses for su lists

4 May 2022 Sauc3

Had a great few games with this, Vlad and Gordon make a lovely couple!

5 May 2022 Oddball

@Sauc3 Glad you enjoyed it! I think it's a great little combo.