True Color of Kit

Diogene 4053

Used in Stay True to your Color GNK (

It performed poorly. Lost the four games it played.

Take from this deck : Liberated Chela just does not work. Funky cheese, but that is all. Khusyuk is the best R&D access card if you can slot only 3 cards.

Shoutout to the organizer, Longi, Krasty and TwadaCZ. It was fun and well organized.

Thanks to the players who battled with me : mildesorte10, Jamil, swiftie and theoneakane.

30 Jan 2021 Longi

@Diogene Thank you for joining us.

31 Jan 2021 ShinMuteki

@Diogene I think in the current meta, Indexing would be better ans maybe find some room for a Maker's Eye or 2.