Patchworld's MaxX (117th @ Worlds '19)

swabl 387

Bog standard Patchwork MaxX. Make money, make runs, maybe win.

Did fine on the day:

  1. Beat Sports (clutch hail mary to steal the winning agenda after they failed to combo out the previous turn, but tbf running last click and accessing a News Team was really dumb in hindsight, especially after I got stuck at 6 points for freaking ages)
  2. Lost to Argus
  3. Beat Blue Sun
  4. Beat Argus (after going tagme no less!)
  5. Lost to Argus
  6. 2-4-1'd and lost to Kill Titan in 3 minutes after faceplanting a Mausolus last click with 2 cards in hand (why did I keep doing that...) and getting HPT'd immediately.
  7. ID'd for prizes, then won the friendly against The Outfit.

Never Rebirth'd all day (should have against Sports tbf), should have maybe been a Deuces Wild instead.

Thanks to @extrac for the list.