Bleed Purple - the $1 value build (22nd @ worlds)

yeoda 945

I'm too lazy to really write a good description. Comment if you have questions.

Ended up 22nd at worlds. HB lost 3 games. I thought it was the best HB of the day but Pacer decided to take it from me ;).

I've always considered myself an HB boy. I love seeing siphon or reg anarchs with this deck. Even crim. Shapers are kinda tough, but just build a remote and play a never advance game.

Other than that... biotic to hell.

There is a lot of synergy going in this deck. I have a few edits in mind but not sure yet. I threw this together 2 weeks before worlds. Big shoutouts to Pacer and CJ Heintz for influencing some of the thought that went behind this deck. Also major props to @shmeguy and @akanderson for some major testing and tweaks on this.

7 Nov 2016 dawspawn

Would Subliminal Messaging have been helpful for triggering Jeeves more, or did you feel like it wasn't worth it?

7 Nov 2016 yeoda

Subliminal is something I'm going to try. Also melange. Sponsorship is probably The first thing to cut but might be needed when en passant comes into rotation

7 Nov 2016 dodgepong

I played this list at Worlds, too. It's real good.

7 Nov 2016 Shmeguy

where is the hudson though

7 Nov 2016 Jack Weyland

5/7 needs more Hudson

8 Nov 2016 yeoda

Lol. Hudson 2.0 gonna be baller. Just wait and see

8 Nov 2016 rojazu

First click: Temujin archives. Corp window: rez AAL install ice on archives. Second click: For f@cks sake, run archives?

8 Nov 2016 yeoda

Looool. One of my favorite plays.

8 Nov 2016 AkAnderson

@rojazu also great against security testing! Reclamation order for all 3 AAL is by far my favorite play with this deck.

15 Nov 2016 hutch9514

@yeoda Thoughts on any replacement for lateral growth? Or is it too essential?

16 Nov 2016 yeoda

I wouldn't touch lateral growth or AAL @hutch9514. Those guys really do work for the Econ in the deck. It would be equivalent to removing the Adonis in a foodcoats decks