Biotic Factory (2nd Place Chilean Nationals)

Nery 25

This deck went undefeated in the swiss portion of the Chilean nationals, and went 2W-2L in the top 8...

I have to thank TheBigBoy for the inspiration as this deck took some of the core concepts of the click compresion economy from his Sleeper Hold deck. However i wanted to adapt it to my style of play.

About the ICE:

I don't like an HB that is low on deffenses, so my first order of business was to find a combination of ice that was effective but not too expensive. Enter the Fairchildren ICE, taxing enough to punish a naked temujin run, and effective at making the runner think twice about going back to the server.

About the Assets:

Perhaps the hardest choices of the deck were made in this department. I didn't want to rely on Clone sufrage as in my initial tests of the sleeper hold deck I never got the chace to play them as intended. Instead I wanted to build an deck that could use any asset as a lure if needed and hopefully make good use of it's abilities if the oportunity arised. Now I also wanted to use Aggressive Secretary as a way to punish the runner in the late game, when recovering your rig was a huge tempo hit.

About the Operations

Perhaps the biggest departure from Sleeperhold is the absence of EPL. In hindsight it may have been a mistake but I was expectning a torunament not only heavy on Temujin, but with a high chance of seeing DLR too. Scarcity of resources did it's job but EPL would have been the stronger choice.

Arc Lockdown ended up being very good at what it does and managed to limit options for the runner, whith the prevalence of Conspiracy Breakers it did it's job.

But the most important part for me... This deck is bloody fun to play, its economy can make you bounce back from nowhere, which is great.

9 Nov 2016 byjarke
10 Nov 2016 mrgoldendeal

You don't really need Subliminal with Jeeves (at least for the FA play) - you can Lateral Growth and then Shipment to get the Jeeves trigger and fast advance, or you can install, Biotic, Shipment and get a trigger.