YAWN - yet another Whizzard nonsense (1st, Grajfer SC, 7-1)

apo 363

4-1 in swiss. Wins against Psycho-Sync (running Raven, jacking out, forking it, shaking a tag and rerunning feels so good), weird Hostile Infrastructure EtF, 2x NEH fastro. Dropped a game vs fastro where digging hard didn't get me Faust nor Clot in time. Yellow corp protected only R&D and scored their topdecks.

3-0 in double elimination. Ate EtF foods alive, then got revenge on the same NEH i lost to in swiss.. twice.

This deck is a beast, period. Faust-Cakes is amazingly powerful and ability to Clot from hand via Faust + Clone Chip is just dumb. Turntable/Medium/Clot stops the train, D4v1d + E3 laughs at EtF and Blue Sun. Waiting for MWL update.

Corp deck: SOB