Petition for Better MU Options

NinjaMike 240

This deck went 1-3 in the Montreal online GNK, but it was still fun to play.

I started building this deck as a protest against the severe lack of MU options in Shaper. I hate hate hate Akamatsu Mem Chip because it is the most boring card in the universe. Dhegdheer and Leprechaun are both rotated, and the 2 MU consoles aren't great. So I decided to try to build a NetChip deck. Masterwork (v37) then became the chosen console because then I get free draw when I install my crappy hardware.

I love too many 2 MU programs, plus all the other fun Shaper programs that are just barely playable any more.

Really where this deck falls down is against rush. I lost 2 games against different flavours of Azmari EdTech: Shaping the Future, one BOOM! and the other Punitive Counterstrike. I lost a third game against rush Sportsmetal: Go Big or Go Home, and won against Titan Transnational: Investing In Your Future.

I feel like I could have won at least one of the Azmari games if I sat back and relaxed a bit, but they were still great games.

And since this was the best big MU shaper deck that I could come up with, please consider this a petition to bring back the daemons, and/or make better MU options for Shaper.

29 Mar 2020 ycombinator

It is a little crazy to me that the faction that is supposed to be based on big rig has few good console options (esp. compared to the other factions). I don't know what's happening with shaper right now, but it isn't fantastic.

29 Mar 2020 lukesim3

I find playing net installer quite dull, but I will gladly add my name to this petition to support my green comrades.

31 Mar 2020 FreqKing

I wrote a fairly detailed letter to the Nisei team noting in advance of losing both Dhegdheer and Leprechaun noting it was a subtle but powerful nerf for Shaper. I think Nisei is doing a great job overall, just saying I am reading your mail, I would like to sign your petition!

22 May 2020 JHM89714

@NinjaMike, looks interesting! I want to build a new decent Wu deck and your list seems like a good start! The only thing I'm curious about: how have the Writers been performing? I included those in an earlier deck and they were more often than not dead cards if I didn't draw them early enough