Bioroid Efficiency

db0 2873

A deck based on rezzing in very expensive ICE very cheap and daring the runner to either bankrupt themselves breaking it once, or let you melange or score agendas behind it.

Almost all cards in the deck are designed to work around this concept. First turn try to Oversight a Janus or Archer and place an Agenda or Adonis (if you expect inside jobs) behind it. If you have an ABT and use it at this point, it can easily net you a Janus or Heimdall v2 by turn 2.

1x Tyr's Hand is for those extra surprises, especially nasty when behind Heimdall 2 after the runner decided to take 1 brain to get in.

Howler + Whirlpool is not likely to come up at the start (altough it's nice if it did) but mostly for end game. Director Haas's Pet Project can easily make a Whirlpool + Howler + Melange server which is certain to make your opponent rage if they don't have AI breakers.
7 Oct 2013 vagoswear

I was thinking on quite similar deck, but on Mandatory Upgrades or NEXT identity, but I know that you just want to have that 9agenda cards. Having that strong ice could encourage to play some assets like Haas Arcology or even 54 cards? Can't wait to see it in action though

7 Oct 2013 db0

I've played it a few times today. E3 implants are obviously a big problem, and I ended up against 2 decks using them :-/

24 Dec 2013 omegalife2002

So I tried something similar to this with the core ID, but the problem I always ran into was I wouldn't draw into any Oversights or BER's and would just have to sit there as they walked right past the big ice. I had small ice in there, but they always seemed to come up in the mid game. It got really frustrating, so I ditched it. But, when it worked, it was pretty awesome. :)