Du Khan om du vill! - 1st @Welcome Sokka Tourney 3-1

Bridgeman 2321

Du Khan om du vill.

I threw a tournament together for Sokkas Malmö visit.

To spice things up me and him gave eachother IDs that the other person had to play.

I got Spark, which I wanted. And I got Khan, which........

Anywayyyyy make lemonade out of lemons right? You can make Khan work if you believe you can right?

Here is my attempt at a Khan deck that kind of works!

Instead of trying to get fancy and play all the stupid and bad bird breakers, we will simply play normal breakers and use cezve to install them at an even cheaper cost.

To add more cezve synergy we run Masterwork to install boomerangs and other nice hardware clicklessly, while getting draw. This part actually works pretty well and could be explored more in any kind of crim deck. Crim has a lot of nice relevant hardware now, Pan Weave + Amina can grind credits down over time with cezve, and you have docklands pass and Wake-Implant for multiaccess. Dzmz Optimizer means you can have 3 breakers and 3 cezve installed at the same time, it saves you some cash too, and is a hardware :D

The rest is just draw, ways to search out your breakers, money, and networking to not die to tags.

In the tourney I used Khans ability like three times, but it was glorious when I did :D Somehow managed to go 3-1 with this list, the one loss was on time in a bit of an unclear position.

Deck is pretty scary when setup, but getting there takes some time.

I had a blast playing weird decks for this one :D Big thanks to all the people who joined to make it a great tournament!

Shameless plug of my channel!

26 Jun 2023 Council

Face the Wrath of Khan!

26 Jun 2023 Longi

Love it!

13 Jul 2023 lauryfriese

I liked the idea Candy Crush

23 Jul 2023 juankax


23 Jul 2023 Bridgeman

Thanks everybody :D

23 May 2024 Angel

@quordle Try it out, it's very addictive