TheBigBoy's Comet Ayla (Unbeaten on Jnet)

TheBigBoy 8931

Ya this is a meme, but idk the deck is 10-0 on jnet for me so maybe it's good.

Install Comet. Play 2 money cards in 1 click. Pressure remote with Stimhack. Engolo will get you in for a while. When they over-invest in the remote then finish them off with Indexing + fake agendas. Levy if you need to reload.

Oracle may and Sym Vis just smooth things out. Use Oracle basically every turn. The 1x Compile can get back a breaker if you oopsie one into the bin, and then it's safe on the bottom and can't get milled again! Wow the synergy.

Escher is for messin up people's surveyors. Misdirection is a stupidly broken tech card that lets you be aggressive against CtM and Weylands.

You can't really beat scorp I think but I've somehow done it twice already. Don't ask. Against PU just click for 4 a lot. If you get Levy or SoT on Ayla it helps.

Usually in my NVRAM I'm lookin for:


Oracle may/Visage

Indexing/mad dash



^in that order^

This deck is really really fun, and apparently not even that awful given that I'm winning all my games. Maybe you will too. Maybe it's great? Who knows.

12 Jul 2018 YankeeFlatline

but where's maxwell

13 Jul 2018 Noroo :D

Where is james

13 Jul 2018 kevintame

@internet_potato is the best comet player I've ever met. I'm sure he would approve. Check out his list.

13 Jul 2018 Cpt_nice

Beat this deck yesterday. What do I win?

13 Jul 2018 internet_potato

I like the idea of using may and symmetrical visage to keep up the pace if you stall and would otherwise have to do a basic draw!

My latest version uses fan site and shadow net instead of sot, which I have liked and has helped the NBN matchup.

13 Jul 2018 TheBigBoy

That seems like a lot of slots. I notice you don't run SMC @internet_potato. That seems extremely risky to me. I can see going to 2 SMC but 0 is madness!

14 Jul 2018 internet_potato

Yeah, one test run and a shitload of draw normally works all right, but you can get unlucky and just lose to rush. Fan site adds a lot of slots, but the real magic happens when you Levy (and they are no longer in your deck).

16 Jul 2018 TheBigBoy

I've only levied in like 20% of games :/

16 Jul 2018 zmb

How does it fare against Skorp with so few breakers?

16 Jul 2018 Nelsormensch

Took this to the BC Regional last weekend write-up over, I only dropped one game and it was a very dumb misplay on my part. This is a blast to play and also super solid. Thanks BB!

18 Jul 2018 b3ar

I keep thinking of using this shell in Kit with 3 Engolo. The Scorp matchup would be better. But I guess without the bild scripts and deuces your draw is week and you don‘t have ayla‘s consistency.