Cantrip Comet Bios: Kitara Edition

internet_potato 938

This is an update to my Bios cantrip deck that takes advantage of the existence of Laamb. It went 2-2 at a fairly tough GNK, falling just short of being 3-1 when I had to rely on a blind Mad Dash run to try to snipe the last 4 points out of HQ before time ran out.

Laamb freed up a ton of slots -- previous version used Cerberus "Lady" H1 as a fracter and Brahman as an AI. Laamb fills both of those roles well enough and means I don't need Scavenge any more.

Dean Lister and Infiltration are somewhat experimental. I like Dean a lot, and I have found infiltration to be pretty helpful in prioritizing runs. Between them, you can camp remotes pretty well-- that strategy falls apart if you're checking every NGO. That being said, a second Mad Dash or Test Run wouldn't be amiss.

I'm probably going to make some tweaks to fit in a few Fan Site's and change out Same Old Thing for another The Shadow Net. Being able to pop Levy AR Lab Access for free or get 9 credits from Sure Gamble seems like enough of a tempo boost to be worth the slots (especially because fan sites will be out of your deck the nth time that you run through it).

This deck is fun to play. You get to do lots of activities.

25 Jun 2018 Sanjay

Thank you for publishing the latest version of this list! It has been just a blast to play previous versions of the list. I can see why Laamb would be strong in this list.

25 Jun 2018 lukifer

Cool build! Very tempted to try turning it into an Oracle May deck, in which case Brahman and Lamb could probably be the whole breaker suite ;)

25 Jun 2018 Sanjay

Oh, for anyone else reading this list, I would also recommend it as a cool list to hand to a newer player.

Cons: Doesn't quite play like a lot of other runner lists so could theoretically build habits that aren't generalizable.

Pros: Very intuitive. You just play the cards and they do stuff. You get money almost without thinking about it, and there are a lot of cards that encourage you to run, plus there is plenty of card draw to encourage a newer player to cycle through their deck even if they don't know what solutions they are digging for.

26 Jun 2018 yojimbosteel

@internet_potato I'm glad to see you're still working on this list :)