New World Adam 2.4 – Hunting Bombs (25th Preston regional)

Terje 399

Updated version of my earlier New World Adam build. Which performed better for me here than at Euros. I went 3-2 with Adam on the day, beating CtM, and 2 x Mti, and losing to 2 x CtM, which is my least favourite matchup with the deck.

I think this is as good as this version of the deck can get. I added the Hunting Grounds for one TTW, because I was expecting a fair bit of on encounter effects on the day, but it wasn't really needed, so depending on your meta it might be worth going back to 2 x TTW.

Brain Cage was important in the games where Brain Chips and/or agendas were scarce in the early game. And I am happy with dropping the Rip Deals and going up to 2 Stimhacks, as the Stimhacks won me a couple of games where Rip Deal would just have been dead draw, and the recursion never felt needed.

4 Jul 2018 b3ar

What would you change with R&R?

4 Jul 2018 Terje

@b3arI think most of the cards in R&R would need a bit of a different approach than the one at the core of this deck. I think finding space for DJ Fenris could be good for either getting Jesminder for tag avoidance or Steve for recursion. I don't really see myself playing Algernon at the moment. And I think the Shaper killer could be interesting, especially with Multithreaders, but you would have to add recursion ala Reclaim for it to work and potentially want to play 2 Ika so it would require a substantial re-work of the current deck to find the influence.

8 Sep 2018 Radiant

@NjabbskoltJesminder isn't a G-mod so you can't use DJ Fenris for her.