AOT Avalanche (6th place at Kalamazoo SC, 1-3)

rwknoll 70

I call it "avalanche" because the idea is to use Jinja City Grid, Bryan Stinson, and Ultraviolet Clearance to rapidly set ice on your remote and centrals. It was performing great in testing leading up to the day, but flopped against the matches that mattered. :(

The win was against a Smoke deck in round 3 against a less experienced player. The losses were against Geist, Inversificator Kit, and Pirate Hayley.

I haven't been a huge fan of Sandburg but I might consider trying to find room for it. Also thinking about putting a third Ash in, to leverage the money boosts to score out more easily. Let me know if you have any ideas on how to improve on this deck concept!

16 Mar 2018 Sutlomatsch

Hmm just one Idea: Seidr Adaptive Barrier It might not be a bioroid, but it's just crazy how big it gets with Jinja.

17 Mar 2018 TKO

Seconded on seidr. With the Aot discount you're going to be paying 4 for heimdall anyway. Why not pay 4 for a better ice? with 4 ice total on the server, Seidr costs the same to break with paperclip as Heimdall does, but it can't be clicked through and its a better early game gear check if need be.

17 Mar 2018 rwknoll

I have mixed feelings about Seidr. I think Heimdall actually compares pretty favorably to Seidr in a number of matchups. In my game against Pirate Hayley in particular, Seidr would've been much worse, as you can break it with a single Kongomoto or Gbahali. Had I not made a big mistake in my game against Inversificator Kit and lost early, Heimdall would have also been better there, too.

The hard ETR on a non-bioroid is a good point. I can test it more and see how I feel. But you need 4 ice on the server before Seidr matches its strength, and I tend to space my ice out to centrals more than some people.