Adam at Worlds 2020:2 - 3rd best Adam at Worlds 2022 (of 4)

USBConnector 20

This deck is hilariously similar to the one I had intended to bring to worlds 2020. I want to say it's an evolution but it was mostly built by the fine folks in my local meta who reminded me that it was still a solid design.

This deck was my most consistent all weekend with a 50% winrate. Every win was against sportsmetal.

The Plan

Do Adam things: Hit centrals, deny Drago, DJ Fenris into Sable for added value. Try to always end below hand size for the draw power. Never run R&D unless we know what's in HQ or we've already seen the top with Find the Truth or it isn't super costly using RNG Key + Find the Truth.

I cannot overstate how much fun DJ Sable is in this deck. I had an absolute blast with it and got tons of value in the process. Archives mark? Great I got to see the top card of R&D for 0 clicks!


My first match was against AgInfusion which was close. I got milled hard by one ice which fired and trashed something like 10 cards from the stack. I was down to 3 cards in hand, 0 in deck and couldn't steal the Obokata. I stole it anyway to flatline as a loss. Death before dishonor!

All of my wins were against Sportsmetal, where the plan was to pinhole their upgrades to trash them, keep logic bombs for scoring and facecheck everything on click 1. I would only play Emergent or a breaker after the appopriate ICE type was rezzed.

I sadly tilted on a match against NBN where I forgot I could Degree Mill directive cards. I later Mad Dashed into R&D for a game point and forgot I had Paperclip in the bin and exactly enough credits to break. They understandably did not let me take back moments after I said "let [ETR] fire" when I realized my mistake.

Closing thoughts

I've been happily piloting this deck for a long time and it's sad that my first worlds will be the last time I'll be able to play him there. I think it's appropriate that he brought me halfway to the HHN promos (a CTM matchup that took me so much grinding to understand back in 2019) and gunslinged against the judges with new cards from a meta he won't get to see at worlds.