The Code Gate Experience

cmcadvanced 25

This deck is directly inspired by the World 2014 Tennin deck that went undefeated. Commercialization and Trick of Light are the fundamental requirements for this deck to have money, and do it's thing. Fast advancing encrypted portals is great, and if the runner happens to foolishly run on all your cheap ice before he has a code gate or AI, then you're doing that for economic purposes as well. My goal in this deck is to score 3 of them, put a caprice down on HQ, and defend my centrals until I have Trick of Light and either NAPD to put in a remote to draw the runners attention, and hopefully rez more ice for portals. Many times I've put NAPD in a server, and the runner went through only to be sad faced hard when he couldn't steal it. Many more times, I just put another caprice in the remote, under 4 layers of ice, to make it nearly pointless to try and do so. Once, I've even put a Will of the Wisp in a remote with Fetal AI, and the runner accessed the upgrade first, trashed it, left himself at 1 credit, and felt the undeniable sting of Fetal AI. It's a nice card to put in here as a one of, because it makes the runner remember they're playing jinteki, and if they haven't realized it's a code gate deck, they might still think they need to play mimics/corroders. Scoring the 3 pointers in this deck is a test of sheer will power, and I don't put one down unless it's reasonably secure. If it stays down for a turn, and I get to put a token on it, I usually just trick of light it to success, and put something else down, as pressure to the runner to run my tollbooth lined remote. A one of reclamation order is because you really do need trick of light to score your agendas usually, and it's worth doing so because of the pressure it creates for the runners to actually run your servers. A one of subliminal messaging is there, because I can't run pad campaign in Tennin, and once you see it, you're seeing it for the rest of the game. it's not completely necessary, but being able to go from 7 credits to a restructure happens often enough that I wouldn't do without it. Orion is the only non code gate having ice in here, and while I've never hit anyone with the subs, it's an obvious threat once you have a 5 advanced unrezzed ice. I put it on my archives, and I never even had to worry about it again for the rest of the game. It makes a great trick of light battery, and godforbid someone foolishly runs on it, a potentially strength 11 ice with 3 subs that you can rez for free(ish) is a far better curtain wall.
The agenda density isn't bad, and if the runner scores your encrypted portals, that's pretty crap, but they probably had to go through some major hassles to do so, and NAPD is always good. I managed to win a game where early on I only had 2 Senseis and a chum in hand plus a 3 pointer. I put the Sensei above the chum, and waited for an enigma to place down in my other server, and I never had to rez the two positional ice, but together, they make a solid defense, especially as people are considering breakers like Sage, and Overmind over traditional ones like yog, and gordian blade. Sensei really does quite a bit of work in my deck, and it's amazing if eden fragment gets scored. it adds a good amount of credits tax to most ice, and helps make Chum useful, even if the ice below it is parasited. Never put a Chum as the second layer of ice unless you need to, but if you do, Sensei has your back. Wormhole, is really the piece of ice that makes this deck work. It's not cheap, even for torch to get past, and if they do get past it, make them run into will of the wisp. You're only trying to keep them from having code gates, so it does exactly that, well. I've played some really well made decks, and would say this is a slower competitive deck, that can hold it's own in almost any meta.