Institute of Tennis (10th place at worlds)

SeIverin 3143

Remoteless glacier FA. Deck was undefeated at worlds.

10 Nov 2014 tacullu

Good job, Selv! Well done!

10 Nov 2014 Dydra

Really not into the 3 influence for Commercialization ... How often do you have more than 3 or 4 unsed advances on a wall ( Beanstalk/Hedgefund value) ?

10 Nov 2014 SeIverin

Most of the time. 10 is common. You can see my tennin game from round 2 on ffg stream. There should be soon also my recorded game from finals round 1.

10 Nov 2014 Thike

I love this deck, its super strong and elegantly built. It was a pleasure meeting you at worlds and seeing the creator play this deck.

Have you tried Tyrant -> Ashigaru and one MRF -> Reclamation Order for resilience, especially against Noise? Its been working well for me.

10 Nov 2014 DrunkenGineer

How often did you score Future Perfects?

10 Nov 2014 CodeMarvelous

the real question is do you have enough money

10 Nov 2014 SeIverin

Im scoring future perfect in 1 on 5 games. Money is not a problem

10 Nov 2014 sdxbbs

so you never create remote server ? how do you score TFP ?

10 Nov 2014 kollapse

@sdxbbs I didn't watch all his games, but I'd imagine he' Biotic > install > ToL > ToL > advance

10 Nov 2014 jawohl

Guys, really you should watch this one before questioning this deck 2h38m

10 Nov 2014 romainnut

pro tip for sharing links : you can add time code in url, like this :

10 Nov 2014 ItJustGotRielle

Really enjoyed watching your games on FFG live on Twitch. Great job using this deck to strong effect! I look forward to playing around with this.

10 Nov 2014 ItJustGotRielle

Also I would like to ask, why a cheap ice like Quandary instead of Enigma? You have a lot of cash and it does not benefit from advancement tokens; it also is easily parasited. Is this on purpose to bait parasites to be used on these? Or for Atmans maybe?

11 Nov 2014 dashakan

You score TFP by using Biotic Labor and 2x Trick of Light.

11 Nov 2014 SeIverin

Quandary because its cheaper. Enigma is also easily parasited. Atmans are the other reason.

11 Nov 2014 AsteriskCGY

You want to take advantage of the free advancement for Tyrant over Ashigaru's hand size requirement. Agendas will take at least two cards out of your hand to score, so you might find yourself with a low hand size.

11 Nov 2014 MikeJS

The game that @jawohl linked to on twitch... oh my word. That's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

12 Nov 2014 MrWeasely

Jackson Howard is the only way to recycle Trick of Light and Biotic Labor, right?

13 Nov 2014 weepinggorilla

T Y R A N T !

13 Nov 2014 demonsquirrel

What's your thoughts on Will-o'-the-Wisp?

13 Nov 2014 SeIverin

Better to have ice in a place of wisps.

15 Nov 2014 jawohl

it's second time this deck is featured. Well done!

15 Nov 2014 Masterkira

really really interesting...good match and very elegant deck ! advance ice to make good commercialization..

15 Nov 2014 Hongkong Koma

Indeed, a very elegant deck. I like it.

15 Nov 2014 pootify

@SeIverin any thoughts on taking this deck to 54? I was thinking:
+1 Future Perfect
+2 Will-o'the-Wisp
+1 Medical Research Fundraiser
+1 Caprice Nisei

15 Nov 2014 jawohl

@pootify that would dilute the number of ice which isn't high already

16 Nov 2014 SeIverin

No, bad idea. Adding not important cards means lower chance for core cards.

16 Nov 2014 voltorocks

Tennin is, I think, one of the more under-rated IDs out there; it's effect is very powerful. There are a lot of great and fun decks out there that use this ability with a variety of tricks, but this one represents that grandaddy of them all, imho.

Plenty of ETR, money, advancable ETR ice and a no-remote ToL scoring plan mean this deck plays very no-nonsense and often leaves the runner thinking, "there was nothing I could have done."

My question to Selverin; what's your go-to tactic for recovery with this deck? when things aren't going you way (the runner has "unlocked" your ice, or you are flooding, for example) are there good bluffing strategies to use to throw a wrench in the runner's gameplan?

17 Nov 2014 Hongkong Koma

@SeIverin In the video featured above from Worlds you advance the Ice Wall with 10 counters, then you start advancing the other ICE. Why not go beyond 10? Enough counters or intuition or a logical reason?

17 Nov 2014 SeIverin

@voltorocks bluffing agenda as howard sometimes works.

@HongKong Koma He could get ff so no point of trying to beat record of most advanced ice wall.

17 Nov 2014 YeyaSwizaw

@SeIverin What are your thoughts on Crisium Grid?

17 Nov 2014 SeIverin

Its good card, but influence is to important to import here.

18 Nov 2014 Calimsha

I'm thinking about cutting one of the grim for a Shinobi. With the amount of creds this deck can make, I think it would be a nice addition to have a little surprise who can end the game on a facecheck.

18 Nov 2014 voltorocks

@Calimsha I feel like grim is an important part of earning you "no successful run" turns later in the game. Rez when they can't break it, then enjoy a turn or two on easy street as they scramble for a new corroder.

18 Nov 2014 Vanadium

How do you handle a poor draw (expensive/no ice + agenda(s) in hand) or a bad early game (draw into ice, no economy cards, etc)? It seems if you're able to get ice up to protect yourself and start using Tennin's ability, this deck is perfect. But if you don't get that protection, they just keep running on you and Tennin is too slow to catch up without its identity ability?

18 Nov 2014 SeIverin

Howard reshuffling agendas is good idea. I don't have much expensive ice, so even without ecnomy after clicking for credits i can rez most of it. There is problem when i can't draw any ice, but sometimes shit happens, but still it's not problem unless runner is not stealing good agendas. Even if they are running from the start it's not end of the world, I dont need a lot of tokens to win. Free tokens are just helping, they are not crucial. And wasting click to run on server only to do not let me get token is very bad idea.

19 Nov 2014 Ber

The thing that blows my mind about this deck is how few FA tools are included. Are you leaning heavily on using JH to recycle a ToL that is used early game? Or do you manage to routinely score Clone Retirements and Medical Breakthrough #3 for points without using a separate FA card to assist scoring it?

19 Nov 2014 SeIverin

even without howard i have more than enough to fa 7 points, Normally i score 3x 3/2 and 2/1, so i need 3 of 4 fa cards.

19 Nov 2014 Ber

Well obviously it works well for you! I guess the deck must be pretty happy to draw in order to see that many of the FA cards. I usually include 5-6 FA cards in a pure FA deck, to ensure I get 3 of them asap.

19 Nov 2014 Calimsha

The deck is a Glacier deck who score from hand. Most of the time, it's gonna cost something like 10 to 15 credits to make a run on a server. You can play slowly : It's not a NBN FA deck, you don't need to rush your agenda to win. Most of the time, you will win with less than 15 cards in the deck ;). Just waiting for your next ToL / Biotic to come :)

22 Nov 2014 saltytacopanda

I'm wondering if there's a way to make space for Snares and Shocks. Since runners will only be running at centrals, encountering one of those will make them second guess every decision to run.

4 Dec 2014 casteffens

@SeIverin Congrats o the win and placement. Can you link the runner deck you used? Commentators mentioned it was a fast running deck. Would love to see what that is.

5 Dec 2014 Rosencrantz

@SeIverin Congrats! been watching your perf with this deck (it's pretty solid imo), but how well does it do on Anarchs especially on Noiseshop virus rundown? I know that Anarchs are pretty slow building up, but milling from top of your deck aggresively might disrupt/screw your strategy from scoring on hand (eg. ToL has been trashed and couple of JHows). Can you give us your perspective on how can you manage those situations?

12 Dec 2014 SeIverin

@casteffens it's in my decks in profile @azgaroux just try to early score 1 or 2 agendas in remote

14 Dec 2014 Earmouse

It looks like the Twitch video linked above is no longer available. Any mirrors?

8 Jan 2015 Ihuckdisc

@SeIverin - Any changes you might make to this now that all of the Lunar cycle is out?

22 Jan 2015 SeIverin

@Ihuckdisc No, nothing good for tennin in last packs.

30 Jan 2015 moistloaf

what about Wormhole ? tweaked your list a bit to come up with this -->

3 Feb 2015 SeIverin

The point is that biotic labor is too important. But probably wormhole is better than tyrant.

8 Oct 2015 MmmBraaains

How do you feel about Allele Repression?

8 Oct 2015 Calimsha

I think with clot around, this deck is basically dead :p

12 Oct 2015 Hongkong Koma

With Clot around, you need some Cyberdex Virus Suite. Allele Repression would do a great job to recur Biotic Labor and Trick of Light - nice idea!

12 Oct 2015 voltorocks

@HongKong Koma the trouble with this deck (and why @Calimsha correctly labels it as pretty much dead) it that the main reason to play it is that you didn't ever need to build a remote. Even with 3x Cyberdex Virus Suite, since you have to completely telegraph your FA you need a suite installed for every single score.

It's outrageously easy for a kate or a noise to keep clot in play long enough to kill you in RnD or simply pick points out of your perpetually flooded hand as you dig for your 2nd or 3rd Cyberdex.

10 Apr 2016 Titus Groen

I'm rather curious about how this deck played as the videos on Twitch are gone. Did they ever make it to Youtube?