This Titan Deck I Swear To God (1st Newcastle Store Champ)

Inactivist 265


This is a dumb glass cannon of a deck that aims to pile up on all conceivable fast advance tools, aggressively draw and Fast Track for Project Atlas, and chain them through before the Runner can get set up. It is an archetype you've almost certainly seen before but in this particular incarnation is Vicarin's fault. It is around now because all its natural predators got lazy or rotated or are Maw and generally you have a good chance to jam through behind your minimal ice anyway.

The only game I lost with it was due to Clan Vengeance aggressively hand sanitising, the only game RJorb lost with his version was against my Val. Mine was the final though, therefore I was deemed better at Netrunner.

It was well received by all attending.


Thank you, please enjoy until Diversion of Funds becomes a thing or people remember Clot. Enjoy the rest of your day.

12 Mar 2018 blindidiotgod

Watching this deck just steamroller forwards, not caring about how much you want to stop it, cursing your lacklustre tools the whole time, is a sight to behold. Like being an extra in Fern Gully.

12 Mar 2018 BizTheDad

I can imagine you had loads of time in between rounds...

13 Mar 2018 Chicken Slayer

This deck did an excellent job of convincing me that Astroscript might actually be a fair card in today's meta. At least it can't tutor the last hostile takeover from the deck for the winning agendas as you vainly try for a deep dig on like turn 7 because Titan is already on match point and GOTTA GO FAST.

13 Mar 2018

Are the 6 likes from the exact same 6 on the picture?

13 Mar 2018 Inactivist

They look like they liked it enough already.

14 Mar 2018 Matt500

I'd like to also confirm this deck is good, annoying, fun, proud because I love Skorp rush, glad its not CI, glad its not Skorp, can't actually believe i might hate it more than Skorp, it doesn't have Boom like all your other weyland decks did, is actually kind of fair, can survive without Mogo, can die to Maw unless you FA literally every agenda and Maw doesn't hit any of them, doesn't have Hunter Seeker (see comments on fair) and is Weyland so its NOT CI.

gg inactivist shame i missed out.

14 Mar 2018 znsolomon

Do you always have enough money to biotic out agendas? Seems like getting the 21 credits to FA 3 atlases would be difficult whilst still protecting your centrals with the econ suite you've got.

14 Mar 2018 Inactivist

Audacity gets an Atlas out for 1 credit, and Dedication-Reconstruction does it for 2 credits.

It IS extremely tight on money, but it gets by on surprisingly little. A cred from Paywall here, a cred from Illegal Arms Factory there, and you're still in business.

You could move some things around to get a third Hedge back or the like, but really the glib answer is you don't want to actually protect your centrals all that much.

14 Mar 2018 Tolaasin

What's the Boom! for? Making the runner worry? You have no other way to tag, right?

14 Mar 2018 Inactivist

Mausolus is often the R&D ice of choice - And while it's taxing to break, Runners in a tight spot and looking to R&D lock will just let it fire and float the tags which can put you in a bind. In which case your Boom (or Archived Memories, if the Boom gets trashed) is only an Atlas counter away.

It's probably a little worse without the surprise factor, but it's been occasionally handy to deny the Runner an out.

16 Mar 2018 rubyvr00m

I've been messing around with this deck on Jinteki net and it has been a total blast to play! The only changes I've made so far: -1 Boom! -2 Archer +1 Hedge Fund +2 Sapper.

I found after a few games that as good as Archer is, I never wanted to sacrifice an agenda to rez it. The Sappers have been killing it for me so far, mostly because they fire on access at no cost which feels great in a deck like this that goes as fast as possible.