Emotional Support Tangrowth (16th UK Nats)

Crowphie 151

I don't have a ton to say about this deck, so this is gonna be less of a proper write-up and more effusive happy rambling.

I went into the event thinking I could get Drafters and hoping to slide my way into Aniccams - I never expected to make top cut. Huge thanks to:

  • Finnbar, Lewis, Fern, Scarlett, Tim, and Franziska, the friends and metamates I came up with. Big congrats to Finnbar for their victory at the Sunday Startup event, and to Tim for his rock solid placement with Apex of all things.
  • SimplyTheOnion and Vale, and especially anarchomushroom and Extrac, for the decks. All credit for the corp deck goes to Chris and Pádraig. I wouldn't have made it so far without better players lighting the way.
  • Tolaasin, for some friendly reassurance on Saturday that helped me steel my nerves.
  • l0velace, King Solomon, Cobalt, and all the other lovely I people I had the chance to finally meet.
  • my little Tangrowth plush that helped me deal with stressful game points. Didn't stop me just forgetting to clear a tag on stream though ;-;

I know for some more veteran players all this is probably a bit much for Nationals, but I'm a little less than 6 months removed from my first netrunner tourney - I came in hoping for top 32 and somehow managed to, with more than a little luck, make my way into top cut of a huge event. I couldn't be happier.

Uh, this deck went like 2-4, I think? Don't let that record put you off, it's good, and the winrate has way more to do with me than the list. I was airdropped it by Pádraig a couple weeks back from folks playing it on JNet, took it to my CO that weekend where it went 4-0, and then took it to Nats. More than 4 games practice on it probably makes it look way better. If you want to play 45 cards you should cut the 2nd Inside Job. I cut the 2nd Bones for the 2nd IJ at the CO because I know what my local meta's like, but figured I should get her back in for Nats and couldn't bring myself to recut the IJ.

28 Nov 2022 anarchomushroom

making top cut at an incredibly fucking stacked nats is absolutely incredible. Made even more incredible by the fact youve been playing comp netrunner for less than a year. Fucking fantastic finish, so so so pleased for you and extrac

28 Nov 2022 Crowphie

Oh! I did the deck wrong. I was actually on -1 Deuces, +1 Hunting Grounds because if you're playing Turtle you need a way to manage IP Block.

28 Nov 2022 Tolaasin

It was lovely to meet you for what I think is the first time? Amazing performance, very well deserved.