Dyper 2.4 - 6th European Championships (Undefeated*)

rotage 2620

This is the list I took to the European Championships which went 7-0 during the Swiss and won one game in the cut and got a game loss in another game (which was fully down to me and not the deck)

For those not familiar with Dyper then there are various articles you can read about the concept but briefly the idea is to use hyperdrivers to gain a lot of clicks and use DDOS and False Echo combo to move the ice from R&D to the Corp's HQ and then use keyhole + equivocation to put Agendas into Archive

Some of you may have noticed that my last list was Dyper 5 (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/41900/dyper-v5-0) and this is now Dyper 2, well simply this is a return to the version of deck I was playing about a year ago. The reason for this was due mostly to the MWL changes which rendered Dyper 3 (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/38817/dyper-v3-25-top-16-at-worlds-2016-) unplayable and although Dyper 5 could be built but I was concerned with Crisum Grid being popular so I resorted to Dyper 2

This list felt very good in the current meta as the decks it used to fear have been hit by the MWL and have seen less play of late (CtM and IG)

Below is a quick summary of the tactics used against common matchups

Moon: Mulligan for Astrolabe, if you don't get it then draw aggressively for it and setup as normal, because of Lakshmi Smartfabrics if may be impossible to steal the agendas however it is likely they have drawn a lot of their deck so you can just use Keyhole and Equivocation to mill them. Unfortunately if you do fully mill them you can not force them to draw with equivocation if R&D is empty

Sync: Try to get a New Angeles City hall or Fansite/Artist colony as soon as possible as this is used to stop them killing you. Also ensure you always 4 credits to clear the tags from Breaking News. Once this is done then setup as usual

Hasty CI/Successful Field Test CI: This is a pure race to who can get setup first, check the cards left in R&D if you are able to combo and mill them then do so even if you don't have 3 Hyperdrivers, also if you think they can combo and you have a reasonable chance then again combo

Palana/RP: Setup as usual but keep an eye on the ice on R&D they may try to put enough ice on R&D to stop you from comboing, if possible try to combo before this happens, if you can't then revert your attention to the remote, once a card is advanced in there you can use your DDOS and False Echo to take the agenda (use Political Operative if needed) and then attack HQ to make use of the DDOS, you can use Brahman later on to finish the game off

Any questions let me know

5 Jun 2017 MikeJS

I'm so glad I didn't have to face this deck. Reckon SYNC has less than 20% chance against this, and that might be charitable.

5 Jun 2017 Cpt_nice

I am sad to see this cancerous deck still alive and kicking

5 Jun 2017 yeoda

i was waiting for this one. waiting for the day i could play Brahman! Trust this build :)

5 Jun 2017 yeoda

FYI, dyper 2 was always my fav.

5 Jun 2017 mat

Well done! Also worth noting that you deserve some credit for the US Nats winning Ayla deck as well (since it's very similar to your 5.0), not sure if people have mentioned that out there yet!

5 Jun 2017 Sunyavadin

I think I faced the same or similar deck at Euros and it set up brutally fast. With caprice and crisium on R&D they still got a monstrous number of successful runs on combo turn and by every right and statistic should have won, only luck saved me. Great deck.

5 Jun 2017 rotage

@MikeJSYeah I would have be thrilled to have got to run against your Sync deck, but sadly it wasn't to be.

@Cpt_niceRotation will kill this once and for all, also more people playing it means more people can add counters to it which will also kill it

@yeoda Thanks, oddly it is my of my least favourites, Dyper1 being the first is still my favourite and I'll go back to it one day

@mat Thanks, I had seen the list and noticed a few similarities to this list netrunnerdb.com but I loved the US deck, I had never considered exploit

@SunyavadinI wasn't aware there was any other Dypers at Euros, I thought there would be quite a few. Yeah I think I used up their R&D luck as I had plenty of good luck with my Keyholes

5 Jun 2017 jjthejetplane246

Would you consider dropping an Artist Colony for a Mad Dash? I feel like my losses with Dyper come with 6 points scored and 2x Artist Colony seems like enough to draw one by the time you go off.

P.S. Super happy that Dyper is still able to do work, congrats on the record.

5 Jun 2017 jjthejetplane246

Sorry, one more question. Has there been a ruling on Equivocation causing an instant loss with no cards in R&D like you mentioned? Based on the wording, it would seem that you can only force them to draw if you reveal the top card of R&D. If there aren't any cards, you can't reveal and therefore can't force them to draw.

5 Jun 2017 rotage


Thanks :)

I would consider the mad dash for an artist colony, I have had issues in the past when I had 2 in deck and I would never see it

Good question about Equivocation and I think you are right so I will alter the right up

6 Jun 2017 Elodius

Grats on the finish !

I switched PolOp to Eden Shard friday morning for the Moon match-up for that exact reason, didn't play Moon though and was lucky to beat @Sunyavadin's Caprice on R&D in 3 PSI-games.

I also favoured Clone Chip over Peace in Our Time as the 1 infl to cut for it.

Again, thank you for creating this thing of beauty !

6 Jun 2017 gozik

Well done, mate! Force them to introduce tier 5 xD

7 Jun 2017 rotage

@Elodius Thanks, nice work on winning the PSI game. after my last game I may be burning all my copies of Peace in Our Time :)

@gozik Thanks, well if I can get a new tier introduced or a card banned I'd be happy

31 Jul 2017 jrda25

Won our Philippine Regionals last weekend. Thank you so much @rotage. -JR