Stay True to Your Colors - Capitalist Kim (2-2)

Tempus 5

Used this tournament to get back into Netrunner so thank you to the Organizers for coming together with such a great and friendly format. The streamers were all spectacular :)

Had a lot of back and forth with this deck for a month. But ICE destruction and hammer R&D and HQ was always my go to plan with Parasite and Medium being back. I do regret not having one more Stimhack that was a game saver for a lot of my games and would win me the last game if I had found it.

The games that I lost to were prison decks like Jinteki: Replicating Perfection with Hostile Infrastructure and a Blue Sun: Powering the Future with City Works Project agenda, both of which had little practice against and were excellently piloted.

Had a lot of fun, it's great to be back!

30 Jan 2021 Longi

@TempusThank you for the shout-out. Its amazing to here that our tournament helped to put you back in this game! Keep running!

31 Jan 2021 Krasty

@Tempus: I hope, our game changes nothing in your decision of return to this lovely game! My true prison deck is not gently... :o)
(some bad tongues says, it is borring to play against! Phew...)

Awsome moment was, when you put Parasite on my Excalibur and I purge, just to have time to put down all 3 Hostile Infrastructures on the board to force you in not so well situation...