Waltz of Flowers 1.1 - 1st place Zurich SC (5:0)

qvm 1699

This deck was undefeated during five rounds of Swiss in the Rien ne va plus store championship in Zurich. Latest legal pack was Quroum (otherwise it would run Aaron).

My corp deck was EtF.

I played against Sleeper Hold (EtF), CtM, Batty EtF, Prison RP 54 and Midseason/Boom Blue Sun.

If you compare this to popular Andy builds, you'll notice extra tools (Inside Job, Shutdown, Sneakdoor) and different multi access (RDI instead of Medium) instead of Andy's raw efficiency (Daily casts, Career fair, third Earthrise).

Some thoughts

  • Don't just put Andy's daily casts and career fair into Leela. Her tools and type of multi access are essential for the Waltz play style.
  • Even though new toys came out, the classical Inside Job is still worth a 3x.
  • While the draw isn't the greatest, the tool density means that I draw into useful things. I don't want to play an Earthrise to draw into more Earthrises and Career Fairs, I want to draw into an Inside Job or Shutdown that can trigger one of those famous Leela snowballs.
  • RDI works particularly well with Inside Job. The 3x is important (more important than having Employee Strikes), as it helps you be impactful with every single R&D run. Medium or Maker's Eye wouldn't fit into this deck.
  • Sneakdoor is still great, even if Archives is iced more often due to Temujin. If they ice archives ice, let your 8 credits rest on Temujin and collect them later when you can bounce their ice.
  • Mulligan if you don't have Desperado or Temujin (55% chance) or if you don't have a bunch of other econ cards on your starting hand.

I'm not claiming this deck is better than Andy, but it has a high skill ceiling which makes it fun to play for an extended time. I've been playing it exclusively for two months and I'm excited to start trying it with Aaron.

31 Jan 2017 jase2224

What you are cutting for Aaron or are you just adding him to go 46 cards?

31 Jan 2017 qvm

I don't think one Aaron is enough (except maybe if you add another hostage). I'd replace two Plascretes with two Aarons and see how that goes. You're unprotected against Midseasons (they likely have best defense, best line of play is to stay rich) and 24/7 accelerated (they burn through plascretes anyway).

If you want to keep a plascrete or add three Aarons (or add two Aarons and two hostages), 46 cards is also fine.

31 Jan 2017 Cerberus

Congratulations on the win. Thanks for the nod with the deck name, I'll definitely be trying this out, been too long since I played Leela!

6 Feb 2017 Terje

Thanks for sharing the deck dude. Played it with some tweaks (I don't have the packs with Emergency Shutdown or Hostage) and it helped me get first place after swiss at a SC this weekend. Bombed out in the cut, but hey ho.

6 Feb 2017 qvm

@Njabbskolt awesome to hear! Emergency shutdown might be less important now that Sifr is out, wince people are driven away from expensive ice. Yeah don't worry about the cut, happens:)