Waltz of Flowers

qvm 1921

It's time to bring back Endless Waltz!

This won me a small GNK recently and it's been fun to play Leela again for the last two weeks. Even though criminal had a resurgence this year (except for Worlds), all the focus has been on Andy. Because of Rebirth, why would you play any other criminal?

Turns out that vanilla Leela still has her advantages.

  • Slow down fast corps from the start of the game.
  • Maximize her ability by building the deck around it and playing with the bounce in mind (you can't do that with Andy if Rebirth doesn't show up).
  • Enjoy bouncing ice; corps forgot how this feels.

At the GNK, Blockade Runner wasn't legal yet, so I was running two Symmetrical Visages and two John Masanori. I replaced the Visages with two Blockade Runners since. As those are also connections, I am now experimenting with going down to one each, while adding a Kati and a Hostage. This way, I essentially have two of the connection that I need the most (you rarely need all in the same matchup). However, feel free to run 2x2 of your favorite resources in those slots instead.

Notably absent from this list are new events. On the contrary, I'm doubling down on the old classics such as Inside Job and Emergency Shutdown. With code gates getting huge and expensive this cycle, those cards have regained strength. The breaker suite together with Shutdown deals with pretty much everything, the most problematic ice being those that are both taxing and relatively cheap to rez (e.g., Archangel, News Hound). In that case, learn how to dance around them!