Programs that Grow (1st Place Canadian Nationals)

Sokka 1322

Grow Gif “Do you have programs that grow?” -@d1en as he sits down across from me Round 2

Overall tournament notes including a must-read tournament highlight can be found with my runner deck.

This was my Argus list that I played at Canadian Nationals. Despite going 15-0 on jnet during testing, up until the day before the tournament I was actually going to play AgInfusion for various reasons such as a personal preference for glacier decks. So basically, a special shoutout goes to @smilingo for convincing me to play this over that AgInfusion deck during our little testing session the evening before the tournament. I believe his advice was “if you want to mess around then play AgInfusion, but if you want to win, play Weyland”, and what great advice that was.

On the day it only lost one game to @Whiteblade111’s Liza during game 1 of grand finals, but in addition to missing what should have been an obvious lethal, there were many other major misplays, game-state errors, and mistakes by both players during that match. I think anyone who has seen it is on the boat of “let’s forget that whole game ever happened” and for those of you that haven’t watched it.........probably don’t :D

The biggest thing about Argus was deciding what to cut for the Self-Growth Program. I was trying out @Slowriff’s agenda suite from Only Death Is Real - Belgian Nationals 6th and I liked it quite a bit, so I just used the GFI influence for the SGP instead of having to cut Hard-Hitting News and a Data Raven. I think Veritas is my secret pet card. The first 2 subs basically pays for the 4 rez cost and then the 3rd sub is just a bonus. At the very least it costs the most efficient breakers 3 credits, which is still great for a 4 cost ice. I've seen many Argus players either discard or install but not rez their Archer(s) so I think Veritas makes a lot of sense, especially in a build with 2 Hostile Takeovers. Argus needs a good early ice for early facechecks besides Mausolus anyways. Whether or not it’s good with the perceived heavy presence of Liza is a different discussion.

If anyone has questions about anything please ask in the comments and I’d be more than happy to provide specific responses there!

Huge huge shoutout to @Bazin for running a smooth tournament and hooking us up with some sweet extra swag! Also an extra shoutout to everyone who made the journey from out of town; it truly made the weekend so much more amazing! Best. Community. Ever. 💗💗

23 Nov 2019 Slowriffs

I highly approve of this deck. Well done!