Titan FA v2.3 (CT Regionals 3rd Place; 5-0)

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A Titan fast advance I've been streamlining the past couple of weeks in preparation for regionals. It performed beautifully, not dropping a single game and helping me hit the winners final round before my runner deck failed me (a Frantic Coding Whizzard that went 2-3 on the day with some bad luck and sloppy play)

I don't remember a ton of details from particular games but I'll point out some MVPs.

2 Crisium and 2 CVS is definitely the right amount to protect against Siphon spam, Medium, and Clot. Didn't see any Clot, hitting mostly Siphon/Keyhole Anarch builds, but it certainly helped in my testing.

The lone Ark Lockdown did work, most critically getting rid of two siphons early in my very tough quarterfinal match against MaXX DLR (which still ended up coming down to a single card).

I love this ice suite. 2 Machrophages is so big against any Medium deck. It's saved my skin many times in testing. Mausolus and Hortum are efficient, Vanilla helps immensely on the turn 1 never-advance Atlas play, Sapper can dole out some nasty surprises, and Archer is absolutely clutch if the game goes long.

The enigma functions as a 4th Vanilla, just providing another Etr. Could be a 3rd Hortum or a Quandary or an Ice Wall if you want.

The deck tends to run rich, with 9 transactions and 3 Hostiles, but I like the safety of it. Probably could swap a couple of IPOs for....I don't know what.

The gameplan is, of course, scoring an Atlas as soon as possible and riding the train home. I originally had 2 shipments from Tennin in the deck, but getting rid of them for a 2nd Biotic and 3rd Audacity is absolutely the right move. People are expecting Tennin, so they make unnecessary runs to lock it out, slowing down their tempo. I do not regret its exclusion at all. Plus you've got to do something with all of that money--why not Biotic?

Beanstalk is clutch, BTW, because it helps you recover from an early siphon, and in testing I won 3 out of 30 or so games from using an Atlas counter to pull off a Beanstalk/BOOM kill.

The BOOM is the real MVP of this deck, though. Originally I put it in just because I was seeing so many tag-me Siphon decks, that I figured it might be useful occasionally. But at the tournament it did serious psychological work. In two rounds my opponent saw and trashed it early, and they told me after the round that they played much more cautiously because they suspected a kill combo.

Fear, then, was the real asset. Netrunner! What a game.

31 Jul 2017 XAlt

This deck hurt my feelings. Well done!

1 Aug 2017 TheBigBoy

I am usually very critical of this archetype, but your version is very well thought out. The 1x Boom! and 1x Lockdown are very clever. Such inclusions are almost always a mistake but your ready access to atlas counters make them A LOT better.

3 Audacity seems like a lot. Are you really hurting that much for FA cards? It seems awkward to draw 2 of them at once.

I agree about the Enigma too. I think I would do -1 Audacity -1 Enigma +1 Hortum +1 Mausolous (your Boom makes this ice WAY more potent).

Nice job!

1 Aug 2017 013

Thanks, all! I think you're right about getting rid of the Enigma. I like having all 5 FA cards, just for the consistency of it, but getting multiple Audacitys in hand isn't great.