RIP This Deck (2017-2017): Titan FA (11th at NA Champs)

wesselal 33

This deck carried me to 10th in Swiss at GenCon, going 5-0 day 1. My runner deck went 3-2 which meant I was able to ID both rounds on day 2 and comfortably make my first ever cut at a tournament. It lost its first game in round 1 of the cut but then quickly redeemed itself, winning the 2nd. I was then eliminated by none other than this great Titan deck piloted by aunthemod.

I had an absolute blast at the tournament and can't speak highly enough of the people I met and got to play over the two days. It was a crazy and completely unexpected experience making the cut in such a talented field. I have to say I did get super lucky with my match-ups and didn't see a single Clot during Swiss. The RNG gods were kind to me throughout the day as well. Thanks to everyone I had the joy and privilege of meeting and/or playing at the event!

Shout out to to stoppableforce for the deck name and to 013 whose Titan FA v2.3 deck was the inspiration for this deck. You can see his write-up on the deck for details on many of the card choices and the reasoning behind them. I did make the following changes to that deck: -1 CST, -1 Audacity, -1 Enigma; +1 Armored Servers, +1 Hortum, +1 Mausolus.

23 Aug 2017 BizTheDad

Congrats on making the cut. I know how great it felt the first time I made a cut at a store championship. I can only imagine how great it felt to make the cut at the NA champs.

24 Aug 2017 analogBrad

Legit, if short lived. Plus look at all that tech!

24 Aug 2017 wesselal

@BizTheDad thanks! It was an incredible feeling. I can't overstate how great this community is either. I was getting pep talks between rounds from some folks in my local meta that weren't able to make it out to GenCon and that really helped me enjoy it and stay focused.

@bradical3 thanks for the comment. The tech served me well although most games were won by good draw and the sheer speed of the deck. I did get one win with the Boom! when a certain well known player Siphoned last click with an Atlas token on the board because he or she was worried about how fast I was already going.

24 Aug 2017 013

Hey, my deck! Great changes to it and well done! Any BOOM kills?

25 Aug 2017 wesselal

@013I had one Boom! kill on the day. My opponent Siphoned last click with an Atlas counter on the board and left me with 4+ credits.

25 Aug 2017 013

Beautiful. It's the best.

10 Sep 2017 Silv

This is a very powerful and quite simple to play deck. The big idea is that Atlas in Titan lets you fetch the next Atlas from R&D, kind of like the old Astro train. Atlas requires 3 advancement tokens, which is why there is fast advance in the form of Biotic Labor and Audacity. To fuel Biotic Labor there's a lot of burst economy (Beanstalk Royalties, Hedge Fund, IPO).

The ideal play is to first fast advance out an Atlas (you can dig for it with Fast Track, but be advised that it's unlikely you'll be able to score in the same turn). Once you have an Atlas you look for either the next Atlas or a fast advance option. When you have one of the two you use Atlas to fetch either the next Atlas or a fast advance card (whichever is missing). Do that two times and you're at 6 points. Then a simple Hostile Takeover seals the deal.

Now if your opponent manages to snatch an Atlas things become a bit more difficult, you'll have to fall back to a more general play style and hope to either compensate with two Hostile Takeovers or store one of the bigger agendas.

12 Sep 2017 wesselal

This deck has officially been kept alive thanks to Core 2.0! Just need to figure out what to do about Jackson. May also consider switching to a ToL version since that's also sticking around and synergizes nicely with Priority Construction.