Rune Soldier v6 (3 time regional winner)

Cerberus 4874

I took this list to two regional wins in recent weeks at the Huddersfield and Preston regionals in the UK. Dien Tran took down his home town regional with it as well last week.

This list isn't really special or spicy but it is really solid. I don't like reg whizz game style but wanted a deck with a solid moon match up, and this has that, though moons is so powerful it isn't an easy game.

The deck can beat SYNC but if you expect a lot of it I would recommend a second Wanton Destruction and/or Plascrete.

The deck is weak to glacier, and so while it has a Strike for the Ag and Tennin match ups you need to be very aggressive and get to match point early.

The breaker and multi access suite is pretty simple, but very effective and specifically work well with the decks draw cards.

Draw has gone up from previous versions, to three Making an Entrance and these have been excellent. Don't be afraid to bin cards that aren't helpful right now. If I want to keep up pressure or need something I will often bin 3 or 4 cards to further this. Just be careful not to trash too much economy and mess up your late game.

Lots of economy as always, specifically Dirty Laundry for the Moon match up. Liberated Account is needed in the SYNC match to off shore economy.

Apocalypse is to support the moon match and free up the cutlery slots for more draw. I think it is fine to play more denial and cutlery or Apoc. Rebirth is there to enable Apocalypse by using Omar but is solid against SYNC as Quetzal. Alice and Kim are also considered in rarer cases. The only card to fit in is Mad Dash, but I had very mixed results with it so ended up cutting it YMMV)

If you like denial games, with lots of threats this deck is likely for you. However be aware this isn't just a siphon spam deck. I often win games without ever landing a siphon. The threat is the important bit.

30 Jul 2017 massisi

Thanks for posting! Can you outline your gameplan against SYNC as it's a match up I always struggle with.

30 Jul 2017 TR1S

I am curious about the value of apoc vs Moon. In my experience it only ever does damage in a small window between turns 5 and 7. Beyond that they are either able to recover more easily than you or have scored an SFT which makes it impossible to land the apoc in time to win.

Seems to me like the deck is still stronger running 3xsiphon in place of apoc and planned assault. This means you can run a second strike which is important and will also improve your matchup against CI7. Which I know you struggled with ;)

30 Jul 2017 kollapse

I imagine Apoc doing work against glacier, but perhaps a third Siphon there would be better?

30 Jul 2017 Cerberus

@massisi so your early game is set up. Get money, with some off shored, get plascrete so you don't die, get events. You may apply some pressure to slow them down, force rezzing ice, know what breakers you need but its normally slow. I often find that agendas build in HQ, so you want to try and snipe them. However often you will be forced to take tags, at that point you want to Wanton Destruction them. Siphon them to keep them down and use Deja for Wanton or to get back Plascrete if they get off a Boom.

@TR1S & @kollapse Everyone is a freaking critic! ;) Playing 3x siphon is fine, I've obviously played that a lot, but in some games Apoc can undo their entire board and your early game threat is solid. Additionally, like siphon, the threat is often what gives opportunity as the corp has to respond to the threat.

30 Jul 2017 whirrun

Did you look at playing queens gambit at all? I tend to prefer it to day job which you have two of. Not enough play vs glacier?

30 Jul 2017 kollapse

@CerberusI was actually thinking you were right in going with Apoc, but was wondering your thoughts on 3x Siphon in that matchup. You answered that though. :P

1 Aug 2017 MikeJS

I'm always a fan of Apocalypse. It's funny you mention Successful Field Test @TR1S. I would describe the Apoc/Siphon choice as being similar to ABT/SFT in Moons decks. If you score a good SFT as Moons, it's often the end of the game. ABT improves things for you sure, but it's rarely a game ender (in Moons). I'd say the same thing about Apocalyse. If you land one at the right time it is often game changing/ending. I landed 4 or 5 at Euros I think, and in 2 of those games, playing the card was effectively GG.

1 Aug 2017 Cerberus

``@whirrun` I played one Queens Gambit at Euros and wasn't fussed by it so have taken it out of builds since. Definitely not thoroughly tested, just a gut feel.

5 Aug 2017 Tolaasin

Props for playing a deck with no console!