Unstoppable PD (1st at Singapore SC 6-0)

Bridgeman 1662

Also went 3-1 at Linköping SC.

Big shoutout to rustryder from my test group Unband for this list, I only swapped out one FC3 for another magnet to make the ice a bit leaner overall and was happy with it after that.

Needless to say very similar lists have been played and posted before, in particular shoutout to Heinzel and RotomAppliance for their recent contributions to PD theory. And to testrunning for the original seamless rush list.

Not much to say that hasnt already been said, but some notable thoughts:

  • Gfis instead of ikawahs makes a lot of sense to me. Forcing your opponent to steal half the agendas in your deck to win is nice.
  • I agree with playing two anoetics, it´s just so good at securing your remote and you really want to draw a copy at some point.
  • Even the apoc matchups where you would expect to be a bit worried have felt quite manageable with this so far. You can lock down centrals and perpetually bluff in the remote. But my personal favorite is to to just force apocs on a few ice and to then immedietly reapply pressure. You can tweak your approach based on the situation and usually there is a good one.
  • The deck is absolutely bananas, wouldnt be surprised if it gets hit next MWL.

Possibly the bran should be a cheaper ice to once again make the ice suite a bit leaner, but not totally sure.

Thanks to Ghost00 for a nice and well run event!

24 May 2021 Jai

how do I dislike a deck

24 May 2021 Bridgeman

`@Jai Hit the red heart and the yellow star ;)

25 May 2021 tzeentchling

I'm curious as to what part of this do you think could get hit by MWL? The only thing I can really think of is Seamless Launch in terms of something that wouldn't affect multiple other decks in the format and/or HB as a whole.

25 May 2021 Bridgeman


I agree that seemless launch would be the most natural candidate in that case. It mainly hits this ID.

One could argue the defensive upgrades are a problem too but I´d say those getting hit is less likely.

26 May 2021 Ghost00

I would like to dislike this deck too. 😅

29 May 2021 Shorty

Gratz for the decklist of the week, long overdue that a PD that makes it to the frontpage! Thank you @Bridgeman for sending me the replays, Armin & me started to go through all of them. If anybody is bored, you can find this deck in action here: youtu.be

29 May 2021 Bridgeman


Nice to see this type of analytical netrunner content :)

30 May 2021 dvdvcdcd1

I don't think it would get hit by MWL. The only raw draw power is Rashida Jaheem. Maybe Rashida Jaheem (for same reason to Voilet level clearence) gets banned in Next MWL.