SSCI 2nd Place Runner

jage 140

Derived from Endless Waltz v4.0, with changes for The Valley (Removed 2x Day Job, added Symmetrical Visage, changed up the code gate breaker suite)

Basic Leela build, decided to add Symmetrical Visage without any testing. It worked well, I believe. Even if I didn't install until halfway through the game, it still made money due to the lack of any draw cards.

Used the extra influence to add another ZU.13, and removed passport and "Rex".

13 Apr 2015 Cerberus

Awesome! Well done! Glad the deck worked for you :)

How did you find the various match ups with Leela?

Anything you'd change now? I love the addition of Symmetrical Visage, will definitely try it out.

13 Apr 2015 jage

Leela did well against everyone, mainly because of her ability to strike where necessary. A lot of the early game was me getting ready and getting money, and striking where hot for early accesses and steals. It takes skill to manage properly, I think.

I would usually save my account siphons to when they scored one of their first agendas. I would pop an unrezzed ice from HQ, then siphon-lock, then hit RnD with my interfaces.

I'm pretty happy with where the deck is at. Getting Visage early is a huge help, and I would mulligan for that or desperado. However, even in games where I did not get either I was able to play a waiting game against RP, then strike when the iron was hot. I even won some games against RP where they had multiple sundews and money income for a long time, because I timed my strikes appropriately.

Daily Business Show actually helped me, because I could get enough money to prevent an easy score by NEH, which led to them hiding agendas at the bottom. However, after they cycled back up it was easy pickings for my multiple RnD Interfaces. Also, with DBS, if they were drawing 3 cards and putting 2 on the bottom, it meant every RnD access was 3 new cards.

Blue Sun is tough, but that's what the emergency shutdowns are for. In one game against blue sun I was able to get them poor and keep them that way, by floating tags with a plascrete out (I had seen their hand, knew they didn't have the scorch in hand) and putting an RnD lock down. Emergency shutdown prevented an OAI that would have put them back in the game.

It's a solid deck. I like the Visage over Day Job a lot, because it doesn't take a whole turn and with this deck I would be drawing constantly. Many games my turn would be: Draw (getting the credit), run for Sec Test or kati or something, and then I have 2 clicks to either run twice or anything.

13 Apr 2015 saltytacopanda

The top 16 are full of RPs, ETF and other glaciers. Do you still manage to get as much Security Testing runs?

13 Apr 2015 jage

@saltytacopanda, Security Testing I would drop early, if I got it, before they protected all three servers. Kati is more useful, but in many games I was using both to get as much money as possible to have a great turn when they scored. In one of the finals I would security testing for 3 credits and kati. With 3 RnD interfaces, you have some time to build up credits fast before a huge RnD run, and security testing and Kati can do that.

If you think the match-up is against glacier, count any security testing in your opening hand as a nothing and I usually mulligan for different economy, mainly kati. However, simply dropping a security testing for 0 can make the corp spend money icing and rezzing ice on Archives when they otherwise wouldn't, which is great in the early game. Even if I didn't get more than one or two uses out of it, simply dropping the security testing early was always worth it.

14 Apr 2015 spags

Did you like the multiple Zu? Wondering if it's too risky to go with 1 Gordian, 1 Sucker.

Great job repping the boxer!

14 Apr 2015 jage

I like the 1 drop-cost of Zu, and having 2 is a plus just in case you get power shutdown. Also, in some games I don't draw special orders, and having just 1 constrains what you use special orders for (basically, if you see a special order early you have to save it for your one gordian or risk not being able to break any codegates for a long time).

I personally would say it's too risky. Also, I like the cheap cost for when I need to Special Order and drop it, and still get into a server.

If you do decide to go this route, please keep me updated on how it goes. I would, however, add a passport and Rex if you do this to avoid total code-gate shut out, and the passport will ensure you can at least get into R&D late.

14 Apr 2015 airmarkus

How do you handle accessing multiple cards in HQ when you hit an agenda on OCTGN? I haven't played my Leela deck on there because the program didn't handle it appropriately. For example, if I Legwork into HQ,hit an agenda with my first access, I am required to bounce something, possibly diluting my chances at hitting another agenda. Because OCTGN handles the accesses all at once, I felt like I wasn't going to get a true feel for how she plays IRL. Is there a workaround for that?

14 Apr 2015 jage

@airmarkus This is a pain, but there is a workaround. Basically, once you get into the server, you exit from the run, give yourself 3 clicks, and do 3 accesses on HQ one at a time. Whatever card you access the corp places face-up on the table before your next access. This adds some time to the legwork, but resolves that issue. You obviously don't have to do this at match-point, unless you're playing HB, since they could have a 0 point agenda.

I think the octgn programming should be changed to fix this; mainly so that it does each access individually if you use legwork, and does it 3 different times. It could be scripted.

14 Apr 2015 airmarkus

@jage Thanks for the reply. That's kind of how a friend and I play except he discards whatever I access to the discard pile. Putting on the table is probably a better plan. I agree it should be changed, because that's a bear to explain to the average person you connect with in a random game. Congrats on 2nd place. I used mine at a SC here in Florida and took 2nd with Leela. She is just a lot of fun to play.

15 Apr 2015 jage

Maybe I'll go back down to 1 Zul, add in a Rex, and add in a stimhack or two. Might be worth it to get a triple RnD dig late or start the account siphon spam.

15 Apr 2015 airmarkus

Stimhack is always a nice surprise for a corp that thought they had a scoring window or breathing room.

17 Apr 2015 Manticore

@jage @airmarkus FWIW, you shouldn't need to give yourself extra clicks or initiate runs to do that: one of the menus you get from right clicking on the table should have "Access card(s) from HQ" under, I believe, Runner Actions.

I love the look of this and look forward to trying it out :)

17 Apr 2015 Wookiee

I really feel like Showing Off would go well in this deck, if the corp is constantly putting things on the bottom with Daily Business Show. Being able to 4 access the top and bottom both in a turn could be huge. But it's 3 influence, so you'd probably have to go back to Passport and Cerberus "Rex" H2 to do that. Were you mainly scoring from R&D and HQ, or did you see a mix of remote and central scoring?

17 Apr 2015 jage

`@Wookiee' The strength of the deck is the ability to strike wherever is necessary. Thefts on R&D or HQ were often used to allow bouncing an agenda back to hand, or stealing a remote agenda would lead to R&D Strikes.

I personally don't think the Showing Off card is worth it at 3 influence.

17 Apr 2015 Wookiee

I really don't either, especially if you're needing to consistently access remote. I just love the idea.